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It's an easy-to-handle tape that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper and plastics--perfect if you're planning on updating the look of your electronics or creating new storage systems

The 3M Utility Cloth is a 100 percent cotton terry cloth impregnated with a specially formulated ceramic-coated abrasive

The 3M Utility Cloth is a 1

Can also be used as a delinting cloth to purify cotton and wool fabrics before dyeing

Due to its density and length of fibers, the Utility cloth can be folded over on itself with the coarsest grit side facing out for quick material removal on flat surfaces requiring little or no discoloration

The material utilizes bonded abrasives for long life and durability

3M 405-051115-19790 3M UTILITY CLOTH RL 314D1X50YD P120 J-WT

2 mil thick abrasive, woven, nonwoven abrasive cloth that offers general purpose surface grinding and finishing applications

A disposable, lightweight, woven cotton cloth made of 100% natural fibers

The cloths are lint-free and conformable, making them comfortable to use in hard-to-reach areas

3M™ Utility Cloths are a soft, lint-free cloths that can be used wet or dry to clean virtually any surface

3M™ Utility Cloth RL 314D1X50YD P120 J-WT

3M™ Utility Cloths are thin, conformable cloths that are ideal for general cleaning and polishing applications

When you're looking for a tape that's guaranteed to have a strong adhesive, 3M Lift-Off Tape is your best bet

This is a listing for a roll of 3M Utility Cloth Roll 314 D1X50 YDS P120 J-WT

These products are great general purpose cleaning cloths for home, school and office use

It can even be used in industrial applications

Available in four different grits, it was designed to quickly remove paint, varnish, rust, and dirt from most smooth surfaces without scratching

It is used for cleaning or polishing metal or wood

It can also be used for hand sanding hard wood floors or removing odors from wood furniture

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  • upc 51131071483
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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