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3M 3M-2595 180A-GO
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3M 3M-2595 180A-GO

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Stikit? Gold Sheet Roll 02595, 2 3/4" x 45 yd, P180A

Grinding is a coarse abrasive process that removes stock quickly at high speeds; it requires a heavy duty grinding disc and a high-speed grinder

Best suited for grinding, deburring, and finishing of steel

The MM36527 COMPANY 2 Roloc 80 Grit GrindingDiscs (25 Pk) is a great product

The 2 Comp Roloc™ 80 Grit Grinding Disc is a general purpose, open coat grinding disc with a medium diamond grit

The 3M MM36527 COMPANY 2 Roloc 80 Grit GrindingDiscs (25 Pk) has strong and lightweight steel construction, allowing for longer life and more cuts

The grinding discs are constructed of aluminum oxide abrasive on a fiber backing for long life—ideal for high production applications

The 2 MM 36527 COMPANY 2 roloc 80 grit Grinding Discs features a premium quality grinding disc

The company prides itself in the fact that their products are made to last

This is a used product and does have some cosmetic blemishes

The 80-grit grinding disc is designed to remove material quickly, provide a uniform finish, and leave the surface free of discoloration

Grinding discs are available in several sizes and grits to suit your specific high production needs

The 2 Comp Roloc™ grinding discs are compatible with all 3M abrasive wheels and may be used on wet or dry applications and/or hand-held or machine applications as long as maximum RPMs are not exceeded and the appropriate speed, pressure, and coolant are used

It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Roloc™ II Abrasive System

The 3M MM36527 COMPANY 2 Roloc 80 Grit GrindingDiscs (25 Pk), 25-Pack is a durable, high quality tool in a compact package

To ensure your tools last, you need to use them properly

The three-step process that makes up the grinding and finishing process is comprised of grinding, lapping, and polishing

It's easy to use, good price, and it works well

The 3M Roloc™ 80 Grit Grinding Discs work with your die grinder to quickly grind flat surfaces on metal, such as castings or parts plates

Following the instructions included with the product is an excellent way to use it safely and efficiently

2 Roloc 80 Grit GrindingDiscs (25 Pk)

The grinding disc is made of aluminum oxide to remove imperfections in concrete, asphalt and other materials

It's very popular right now

The 3M MM36527 Company 2 Roloc 80 Grit GrindingDiscs (25 Pk) is a versatile grinding and abrasive tool that can be used for most general applications

This product is made of high-quality material

You can remove excess material with these grinding discs in no time, and then switch to another 3M product for the remaining steps in your finishing process

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  • upc 51131025950
  • Weight: 1.61 LBS
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