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3M MMM19208 70071065612 Stripper Speed Twist N Fill Gray 6H

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3M SCOTCH GRIP HIGH PERFORMANCE ADHESIVE 1357 is an acrylic pressure sensitive tape designed to provide a secure hold on porous and non-porous surfaces

It holds strongly on many different substrates including paper, cardboard, fabric and corrugated cartons


The 3M Scotch Grip High Performance Adhesive 1357 is a fast-curing adhesive that comes in two convenient cartridge sizes

This product can be used in a range of applications, including manufacturing, distribution, warehouses and packaging

It will not damage the surface being cleaned like many other adhesives

The aggressive, non-blocking liner provides easy unwind without tearing

Adhesive offers excellent initial tack and adhesion to corrugated board, cartons and paper

It's also resistant to common solvents and will remain tacky in cold temperatures

3M SCOTCH GRIP HIGH PERFORMANCE ADHESIVE 1357 is a high performance, fast grab adhesive

This tape offers a permanent hold on sturdy surfaces and can be used with 3M Scotch Grip Dispenser 3M 405-021200-19890

It offers an economical solution for mounting a wide variety of substrates including paper, film, vinyl and most plastics

3M depends on our high performance adhesives to help them seal packages and keep their products protected

3M™ Scotch-Grip™ Adhesive Remover is a high performance adhesive remover that quickly, easily, and safely removes adhesive residue left by temporary or permanent tags

It has a clean, high tack rubber based adhesive system that allows it to be used with difficult substrates and it is resistant to removal by most common solvents

For years, the high performance adhesive category has been dominated by 3M

3M SCOTCH GRIP HIGH PERFORMANCE ADHESIVE 1357 is a high performance general purpose packaging tape for moderate to heavy loads

This is a high-performance, multi-purpose adhesive designed to provide excellent initial tack and ultimate peel resistance

It is easy to apply, can be repositioned before drying and bonds instantly upon contact with the surface

The 3M Scotch Grip High Performance Adhesive 1357 is a strong, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that is ideal for use on uneven, contoured, and porous surfaces

Get a grip on projects with this 3M Scotch Grip High Performance Adhesive! This 3M adhesive has a high tack so it's ideal for delicate materials

3M’s primary competitor was unable to develop an adhesive that could compete with the brand leader

That is until now

The strong, fast-grab formula makes it easy to use and remove, making this adhesive a reliable choice for your next project

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