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3M 3M37320 ESPE Ketac Bond Glass Ionomer Base Material Refill, 12 mL Bond Liquid

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This 25-pack gives you a variety of sponges in different grits so you can pick the one that's perfect for your project and get it done quickly

Abrasive grain is held by a flexible, resin-bonded cloth substrate

The 40GRIT GRN HOOKIT -25/BX works great for smoothing rough or unfinished wood surfaces or older coats of paint

Our hook and loop system has been proven durable due to the fact that it stays together when you need it to and releases when you need it to… ensuring excellent results with every use


With a long history working with the military and law enforcement agencies, the 3M Company is a name that has become synonymous with high-quality products

Provides faster stock removal and less clogging than conventional sanding belts

Use wet or dry to cleanse in preparation for other painting or staining procedures

Designed to hold on to more abrasive materials, this sanding sponge from 3M is the perfect companion for your next construction project

Designed with the professional in mind, 3M hookit abrasive pads are a great way to speed up your production times

A 60 grit hookit pad is perfect for finishing applications on thin gauge materials

3M0524 COMPANY 40GRIT GRN HOOKIT -25/BX is a part of 3M's abrasives, grinding wheels and other products


3M0524 COMPANY 40GRIT GRN HOOKIT -25/BX is listed in our abrasives category with the product code '36110001'

These sheets are suitable for most wet or dry handheld sanders and can be used for metal as well as wood surfaces

3M Hookit™ sandpaper is specially formulated for superior performance on wood and other rough surfaces

3M0524 Company 40GRIT GRN HOOKIT -25/BX

They work best on flat surfaces and not curved ones, so stick to using them on your kitchen table or other pieces of furniture that don't curve much

The 3M Company's Green Hookit Sanding Sheets are made of durable material that will provide you with an overall smooth finish every time

Works with any electric, pneumatic or rotary tool with a hook and loop attachment system

When it comes to sanding, this is definitely true

Our standard hook and loop sanding discs are available in a wide variety of grits (up to 180, for your most demanding applications), sizes,and hook and loop backings

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  • upc 511313732040
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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