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The product comes in a box containing 75 rolls and is made of polyvinyl acetate film coated with an abrasive grit adhesive to remove and clean surfaces during various finishing processes on wood, glass and metal substrates

It is used for light deburring and finishing of metal, wood, and other materials that can be abraded by the foam backing

Available in a wide range of grades and grits

This product is a roll of P-600 adhesive disc, 2-1/2 in

High performance resin bond means consistent material transfer for exceptional finish, even on contoured surfaces

These 3M abrasives are the best way to achieve your desired finish

The curved profile of the disc allows for access in tight areas such as corners and edges

The discs are brown in color

3M Stikit Gold Adhesive Paper Discs are ideal for applications where a smooth, strong, permanent hold is needed

3M recommends that customers review the instructions before use

012 thick

With this product, it's easy to get the perfect, professional results you need

This product meets 3M quality standards and specifications

This product is a self-adhesive abrasive disc

Use with 3M Stikit Gold Mounting Tape

diameter and 6 in

3M Stikit Gold Paper Discs-provide excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces including cardboard and paper, film-coated metal containers, and corrugated fiberboard

The P600A grade is a general purpose abrasive that is used for removing minor oxidation and paint build-up on surfaces to be primed and repainted

This product is a single roll


Midstate Tool & Supply is a stocking distributor of 3M products

The foam backing allows the disc to conform to curved surfaces while providing a cutting action that removes material and reduces surface defects

These adhesive discs are designed for use on hand sanders, orbital sanders and DA sanders

3M Stikit Gold PA PSA discs are coated with 3M's micro-abrasive technology to clean and remove residue from a variety of surfaces

Durable aluminum oxide PSA backing resists loading and clogging

We offer high-quality PSA sandpaper and abrasives, as well as a wide range of other industrial products

These discs also provide an optimal adhesive transfer surface for high speed labeling equipment

They are used primarily in assembly operations to apply pressure sensitive labels to cans and boxes

Abrasive paper for sanding and finishing

2 days
  • upc 51128006726
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:22.00
  • Height:1.00
  • Width:15.00
  • Weight:0.80

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