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Made of durable polyester with a low-glare tint that prevents eye strain, it lets 85% of visible light through while blocking 52% of nonvisible light—an excellent balance between privacy and visibility

The privacy filter helps protect your confidential information by blocking the view from side views and above of the information displayed on your monitor

The filters are clear in appearance, and no one will know that a filter has been applied to the display

3M™ privacy filters keep confidential information private when working in shared spaces

The thin, frameless design makes it easy to use with multiple screens or in a multi-monitor environment

They are easy to attach and remove, and they keep your display in focus

The filter also fits 16

Order replacement filters directly when needed


3M Privacy Filters help protect sensitive information at your desk from being seen by others

3M Privacy Filters let you choose the style you prefer: glossy or matte

9-inches and a viewable image size of 15

Privacy Filters keep sensitive information concealed

Many people use laptops in public places - at work, at the coffee shop, at the airport, and on trains and buses

A clear film with a privacy pattern is placed in front of your monitor, allowing you to see your display while keeping others from doing so

3-inches (for this size, the bezel on each side of the viewing area is 1/16-inch wider than the display)

The Security Privacy filter is designed to fit 17-inch widescreen displays with a diagonally measured monitor screen size of 16

3M Privacy Filters help reduce distracting screen glare

Privacy filter reduces screen glare and blocks viewing from the side

3M Privacy Filter PF170W1B is designed to fit 17in non-widescreen LCD monitor with a diagonally measured 17in viewing screen and a 16:10 aspect ratio

Only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen; others on either side of them see a darkened screen

The 3M Privacy Filter offers a clear view while guarding against screen scrapes and scratches

3M® Privacy Filters keep confidential and sensitive information on your monitor from being seen by others, including passersby from the side

3M™ Privacy Filters keep confidential information private

3M Privacy Filters protect confidential information on your PC screen

3M Privacy Filters keep confidential information private

Along with the protection of information, the filter also helps reduce glare and reflections, making it easier to view your screen in any light

New 3M Privacy Filters prevent confidential or private data from being viewed by people outside the workstation

It blocks screen images from being seen by people sitting next to you, while allowing you to see the screen clearly

You’ll reduce eye strain and prevent the disclosure of confidential information — without restricting the brightness of your screen

1-inches and a viewable image size of 15

5-inch widescreen displays with a diagonally measured monitor screen size of 15

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  • upc 51128007662
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