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  • Brand: 3M

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The 3M PURIFICATION INC 6856702 has been designed to be used in brewery plants or for a beer tap, industrial food processing equipment, dairy equipment and poultry poults hatcheries. Our exclusive adapter mounting system enables the filter cartridge to be connected directly to the body without leaks.

The 3M Purification Inc 6856702 7-gal bag contains activated carbon and phosphorous-based SuperChar 1000 catalyst, a proprietary water softener that improves the purity of residential and commercial drinking water by reducing chlorine tastes, odors and aesthetic effects such as cloudy appearance. The Purification Inc 6856702 is classified under catalog number/SKU: 68576 for the 7-gal bag.

3M Purification Inc 6856702 Water Supply System

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3M Purification Inc TIP 2-48 Universal Sanitary Napkin Dispenser with SaniLock Protection System - Neon Green

3M Purification Inc - VOC Compliance Info

3M water filtration systems help to reduce thousand of harmful impurities. A new level of filtration is achieved with 3M Purification filters. The difference between purification and filtration is that purification removes larger, more harmful impurities in addition to the smaller, removable ones. With a special coating process, Purification Filters remove large particles such as chlorine, lead, and asbestos that are hazardous to your health.

The 3M Turbo 6 High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System is designed for applications that require more than 4 times the Federal Standard 26 edition. It removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. Most importantly, it eliminates hundreds of microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria, resulting in cleaner air in the home and workplace.

The Sunbeam Deodorizing Dishwasher Cleaner with Febreze, White Citrus Zest is a new addition to the Sunbeam products line-up. This brand new product is one of the first in the world to successfully deliver odor-fighting power of Febreze together with power of dishwashing cleaning.

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2 days
  • upc 16145000966
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Weight:0.00

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