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This extra deep, 14 in. Plastic Drain Pan features an optional cover and includes an aluminum wire frame to keep the unit elevated above the floor when in use. With your dishwasher, you can confidently clean up spills or messes because this drain pan provides ample space for water and other liquids to safely collect. It sits neatly beneath your kitchen sink, and can be mounted onto a wall for extra convenience when cleaning up after dinner. This Plastic drain pan is constructed of reinforced, break-resistant plastic material that is easy to wipe down with soap and water for an efficient cleanup.

Amana's Plastic Drain Pan is constructed of strong plastic that will not rust, swell or bend. Constructed for a long service life without the hassle of corrosion and with a built-in slotted grating to allow water to quickly drain out of their dishwashers.

The plastc drain pan with a ribbed bottom, will not rust out and no longer needs a screen with slotted holes. It is easily cleaned and is more sanitary. We also make a matching filter basket.

Add a plastic drain pan to your refrigerator to protect against water damage caused by defrost overflow. This drain pan attaches easily with four screws.

The drain pan is made of plastic

This drain pan is made of plastic and it is used along with your washing machine for collecting the wastewater.

Attach the drain pan to any sink or tub with the Grab-It Drain Assembly. It is made of clean, sanitary plastic.

The drain pan is designed to work under 3-Piece Drop-In units. The drain pan has several ridges to allow for water to flow down into the drain, and minimize the risk of overflow. The drain pan also helps to prevent the unit from slipping by providing traction to the underside of the range.

Amana tubular condenser/evaporator drain pan. Part Number B1755920HDF. The part number is stamped into the bottom of the pan.

Clean the mess left behind by a broken down appliance, appliance parts, or a home improvement project with a drain pan. The drain pan helps prevent water damage to your floors when debris collects in the sink.

Over time, a dishwasher's drain pump, a fixture attached to the side of a dishwasher tub, becomes clogged with bits of food and debris. This drain pump strainer basket keeps those worst offenders, peels and rinds, from clogging up your dishwasher. For use with select Amana counter-depth models only.

Keep a maintenance-free unit in your kitchen. This garbage disposal by AoA is a direct replacement for a number of discontinued models from major brands, and features a powerful 1/3 HP motor that can grind through waste quickly and neatly to prevent smelly clogs from occurring. The dishwasher grade food grinder is made from polymers and stainless steel, while the drain assembly is constructed from rust-proof galvanized steel. The flange is also galvanized for additional strength, so it can remain intact under pressure.

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