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American Standard 4061.128.020  Evolution 2 Flowise 1.28 Gpf 12-Inch Tank, White
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American Standard 4061.128.020 Evolution 2 Flowise 1.28 Gpf 12-Inch Tank, White

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American Standard Evolution2 Flowise 12" Tank Wht White

American Standard EVOLUTION2 Flowise 12" tank - wht. Made of vitreous porcelain, this high-flow toilet features a wide water surface area and a 4" flush valve. Designed to save water, the high-efficiency toilet has a flushing volume of 1.28 gallons per flush and 5,200 grams per flush. Includes seats and wax ring for Space-Saver installations; Fits American Standard toilets manufactured 2005 or after

Your new toilet has arrived! The American Standard Evolution2 Flowise 1.28 GPF 12-inch Tank brings the comfort of a soft, SilentFlo flush with one press of the button to your home. This toilet comes in an array of colors and with an easy to install universal height that fits any installation need.

The American Standard Evolution2 Flowise 1.28 GPF 12" Tank is designed for maximum user comfort and uses a powerful yet quiet siphon jet action to eliminate the need for an electric pump. The bowl depth is increased by 2" to produce unprecedented flushing power while increasing the bowl capacity by 25%. This unit is ADA compliant and is easy to use with just 2 buttons on the flush tank that control everything.

The American Standard Evolution2 Flowise tank helps you install a dual flush toilet system in your home, saving water and money while also giving you the flexibility to choose between a full flush or a more efficient half flush.

All too often, water efficiency solutions are nothing more than a compromise between performance and conservation. The American Standard Evolution2 Flowise tank is a whole new way to think about saving water and money in your bathrooms. Using Hydroflush technology, the toilet instantly converts fresh water into pressurized water every time you flush -- making it virtually impossible to use too much water while still delivering reliable function

American Standard has made the clean and simple tank a must-have in any bathroom. The American Standard Evolution2 Flowise features a profile that complements today's new design concepts, but the flush is what really stands out. Just the right amount of water is released to maintain the bowl at a constant depth for optimal comfort and performance. Flush away your worries with a better way to go.

Order the American Standard 4061.128.020 Evolution 2 Flowise 1.28 GPF 12-Inch Tank online to get the amazing look that you want your bathroom or kitchen to showcase. This toilet works great with a partner tank and looks very modern in any bathroom or kitchen setting.

Easily installed as a replacement toilet tank, the American Standard Evolution2 is ideal for any bathroom. Featuring FlushMate technology, this tank uses up to 1.28 gallons per flush, but still retains a traditional, water-saving look. By separating the tank and the bowl, this toilet provides the updated functionality of a two piece toilet without compromising on style or comfort.

The Flowise one piece toilet has a classic design that stands out in any bathroom, regardless of style. The tank-in-bowl design combines the tank and bowl into a single unit for a sleek look. This toilet can hold up to 1.28 gallons per flush while still maintaining a contemporary appearance, making it perfect for all lifestyles. Its minimalistic design will not overpower your other décor, making it an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a unique toilet design that is also affordable and functional.

Enjoy the easy functioning of our 1.28 gpf, 12-inch flush tank. The streamlined full tank design will look great in any bathroom. Constructed of durable vitreous china that provides years of reliable service and flushes more than 5,000 gallons.

The original standard of excellence in toilets, the American Standard family of products delivers innovative design with world class performance.

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