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  • Brand: Apex

  • sku ORS-155952
  • upc 697099073918
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

APEX 071-MDA-6MM 07391 NUT SETTER 1/4 MA

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07391 NUT SETTER 1/4 MA

These screws are widely used in residential applications because of their quality, durability and affordability

The shank is heat treated for maximum strength, durability and life

This part has a purpose and it will help you accomplish what you need to do

The Apex 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW features a double drive design to allow access to tight spaces where a standard nut driver cannot fit

Apex TORQ-SET® screws are self-drilling, eliminating the need to predrill into your material before installing the screw

Apex 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW

The high performance coating on these screws protects them against corrosion and aids in driving power so they last longer than traditional screw products

This product is designed for cutting of fiberglass, wood, plastic and rubber materials

Special tempering provides rapid chip removal on start up

Apex TORQ-SET Power Bits are designed to fit into the TORQ-SET hex shank

TORQ-SET POW RIVETING TOOL 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16

It is the right part for your tool, so enjoy it and have a great time!

This reduces the opportunity for error, saving time and money

This double drive design also allows it to be used as a conventional nut driver

They install quickly, easily and accurately without damaging the screw

The Apex 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW from ORS Nasco is a cutting tool which delivers the performance you need to get the job done

With a wide selection of bits, including slotted, Phillips and Robertson heads, you're sure to find the right bit for your application

Each point has a black oxide finish for extra protection against rusting and corrosion

The APEX 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW is a quality tool that you can use to do high quality work with

The Apex® Torq-Set™ Pointed High Speed Steel is designed to get you through the job fast! The tip is precision ground and flat for easy starting

This Apex 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW step drill is an excellent addition to any tool collection

This step drill is a high quality precision instrument and offers fast, clean, accurate holes in metal, plastic and wood

Apex 071-170-5/16B 22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW is a small piece that makes all the difference

Build a foundation for success with Apex TORQ-SET® Screws

22052 5/16 TORQ-SET POW

The Apex® 5/16" x 7/8" Power Torq Set is designed for use in applications requiring the highest torque capabilities

1 days
  • upc 697099073918
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:1.00
  • Height:1.00
  • Width:1.00
  • Weight:0.05
  • Batteries Required?:?No
  • Date First Available :August 23, 2012
  • Item Package Quantity:?1
  • Manufacturer:?APEX UTICA
  • Part Number:?MDA-6MM

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