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  • Brand: BELIMO

  • sku NEU-98090
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Belimo B212B+TR24-3 | US | CCV | 0.5" | 2 Way | 3 Cv | w/ Non-Spring | 24V | Floating

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"1/2"" 2w 3.0cv 24v OnOffFlt NSR"

Floating Valve Actuator. 1/2" Two Way Actuator with 3.0 Cv, 24V On/Off Float, Certified Non-Spring Return.

The Belimo B212B+TR24-3 | US | CCV | 0.5" comes with a non-spring return feature, and is 2 Way/Non-Isolated. The HVAC control module has been fitted with an Industrial Grade 24 Volt DC Coil. It has a 1/2 inch condenser coil, and an internal ambient temperature sensor. The condenser coil can be connected to 24 Volts DC power with a switch between the low voltage terminal and return terminal. This is controlled by the user. This HVAC control module measures 1/2 inch. It was designed for a

The B212B+TR24-3 from Belimo is a 2-way, off/on/off, heat pump variable refrigerant flow controller (VFR) with floating pilot. It has a control head length of 3.44" and a control head width of 1.07", non-spring return, and 24V dc controls. This unit does not require load sensing.

The B212B+TR24-3 | US | CCV is a 2 Way SPST with an On/Off Valve design. It has a Cv rating of 0.5" and comes in a Non-Spring Return application.

The Belimo 2 way, 24VDC non-spring return with float switch, 0.5" bore is for use to switch a heating load up to 24VDC. It has an amperage range from 0.03Amp to 3Amp and a voltage range from 4Vac/dc to 48Vac/dc.

The Belimo B212B+TR24-3 is designed for residential and light commercial use. It is made of a combination of plastic and steel. The valve includes 3/4? male inlet and outlet connections. This is a two-way valve with 24 volts DC power capacity, can be used as a double non-spring return or as a single non-spring return, and is capable of handling an indoor application.

The B212B+TR24-3 is an electric actuator for closing and throttling of valves and dampers. The valve is sealed against pressure up to 10 bar with the use of non-rising stem rotary plug valves and optional diaphragm clamps. The B212B+TR24-3 has been designed with a special type of manual reset thermal overload protection on the motor, which cuts the power in case of overheated motor caused by an obstruction in its movement path. A switch with assured contact stability is located on the frame (snap-action switch).

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available :August 15, 2013
  • Manufacturer:Belimo
  • Best Sellers Rank:See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific

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