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  • Brand: Bona

  • sku ESSC-6305
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Bona BK-700018174 Professional Formula Cleaner Refill for Hardwood Floor (1 Gallon)

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Cleaner, Pro Hardwood is your Bona professional's best helper to clean any hardwood floor that may be damaged from scratches or wear and tear. It contains specially formulated natural solvents which break down stubborn soil and restore the shine with no dulling residue. This professional product works well as a secondary cleaner after normal cleaning procedures. It is recommended for twice-yearly maintenance of the floor to keep the shine and remove dirt. Five times more concentrated than 1:5 dilutions therefore lasting

Bona cleaner and conditioner refills for professionally maintained hardwood floors. Contains 1 gallon (128 fluid ounces) of cleaner, concentrate to 32 fluid ounces. Maintains the look of hardwood flooring and protect against stains. Easy-to-use with trigger spray design.

Bona PRO Hardwood Floor Cleaner is designed to be used with Bona Hardwood Floor Polisher. This product leaves hardwood floors clean and smooth, and will not discolor or etch wood surfaces. This cleaner may be applied manually or to the Bona PRO Rotary Polisher.

For superior cleaning power, use Bon Ami Cleaner on hardwood floors. Mildly abrasive, it easily cleans dirt and grime. It is safe for use on all finishes, won't scratch, and leaves no harmful residue. Boxes of 4 Refillable 1-Gallon Jugs or 1 Gallon Bottles

Bona hardwood cleaner is the #1 selling hardwood floor cleaner in North America. The advanced cleaning formula is specifically designed for your hardwood floors. It lifts stubborn dirt, remove scuffs, and dark spots without leaving any residue. Made with Pro-Shield formulation to help prevent scratching from daily foot traffic

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner uses a unique deep-cleaning technology. This product gives your hardwood floors a professional cleaning result with a gentle touch. The advanced formula fast-dissolving detergents ensure superior cleaning power, yet are mild on the environment and user. Apply it by mop, spray or immersion. You can use it in an automatic scrubber without any harmful effect on equipment. This cleaner is completely free of chlorine bleaches, oils, solvents, or

This Bona cleaner is for professional use only. Do not use on vinyl or linoleum floors. This product cleans and brightens all hardwood floors, including light oak woods like birch and maple, plus dark hardwood floors like mahogany, teak, and ebony. It also polishes concrete floors to a satin-finish luster. It is effective as a floor stripping agent in stripping floor wax from parquet and high-gloss finishes when used in combination

1 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Date First Available :September 13, 2016
  • Manufacturer:Bona

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