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  • Brand: Broan

  • sku HMWA-46369
  • upc 026715062836
  • Weight: 3.80 LBS

Broan SP360108 Broan Backsplashes, White/Almond

Price: USD 2099-12-31 $43.13
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Broan Nutone Backsplashes, White/Almond

Pain: Tartar sauce and tomato juice stains are hard to get rid of. You can clean, scrub and scour the stain, but it won’t come out no matter what you do. Agitate: Your friend recommends a professional to do it for you, but this costs you even more money! Solution: The Broan Nutone Backsplash in White/Almond is designed to easily clean up drips and spills. Since they connect over your paint, you’ll be able to match it up with ease and never have to worry about stains again.

Pain: After 20 years or more, kitchen walls can be very dull. That’s why homeowners are always searching for new ways to brighten up their homes. Agitate: Wall tiles aren’t the only way to go! A home should be a reflection of you, and if you’re looking for something bolder, tile is not the answer. Pain: You can’t find a backsplash that fits with the look you want in your kitchen, and you can’t afford custom. Agitate: Here is an easier alternative - a complete white backsplash installation from Broan Nutone. Guide: Thanks to our quick and easy selections of tile colors, we have

Pain: You should see the other guy. Your tile or paint color is going to clash with the backsplash. What a big waste of time and money! And to think you were going to spend hours picking out the perfect backsplash – only to risk having to rip it all out and start again. Agitate: The good news is that with Broan Nutone Backsplashes from Lowe’s, you don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense. You can just pick the perfect material for your kitchen remodel and get on with your life. Solution: These sensibly priced backsplashes are available in a range of beautiful quartz stone blends, solid surface colors and fine wallcoverings.

Pain: Your kitchen has never looked so good. But that ugly tile on the stove top is destroying the beautiful image of a brand new kitchen. Agitate: Brand new gas stoves, induction stoves, electric stoves, ceramic cook tops and ovens have been a welcome addition to the home kitchen in recent years. Solution: Broan Nutone backsplashes are designed with your specific model in mind! We understand how important it can be to ensure that all your appliances match and complement each other… and now you can do just that with our Broan Nutone backsplashes! Our special milling process provides a perfect match for all gas stoves while our sloped edges easily accommodate ventilation systems on modern range hoods.

Pain: Installing a new backsplash is time-consuming. Agitate: It also means tearing out cabinets, drywall and the existing backsplash… Solution: …unless you choose Broan Nutone Backsplashes which are easy to install---no holes to patch or cabinets to modify! _ http:www.beyondtile.com/brands/nutone#/wfbt Step 1 ** Pain ** How do I solve this problem? – List all the things that bother you about the problem (for example problems with finding hotels) Step 2 ** Agitate** List as many reasons to hate your problem as you can (for example, everyone hates hunting for hotels) Step 3 ** Unique Value Proposition ** What

Pain: A traditional backsplash is the unsung hero of the kitchen. Rarely noticed and only seen when it is dirty, the kitchen backsplash has one job and one job only – to protect your walls from spatters and splashes from boiling pots and water. It’s a tough job. Agitate: And sometimes, it does its job too well! Cleaning that hairline crack between the pan you were cooking with this morning and the wall can be very tricky. Solution: Luckily, with our Broan-Nutone Backsplashes, you don’t need to stress about these tricky places in any way. The backsplashes come with easy-to-use rounded corners and seams that make cleaning

The right accents can transform the look and feel of a kitchen, making it more inviting, stylish and beautiful. But if you are remodeling a kitchen or building a home from scratch, finding the perfect backsplash can be hard work. Pain: Searching for the right backsplash is time consuming and frustrating because what looks good in one store or catalog may not look like it at your house. Agitate: At Broan Nutone, we want to make it easy for you to find what you need faster and easier. Solution: The Broan Nutone Backsplashes Collection has been designed to give your kitchen everything it needs in terms of style. With our wide range of colored backsplash tiles, glass fiber backsplash

1 days
  • upc 026715062836
  • Weight: 3.80 LBS
  • Batteries Included?:No
  • Batteries Required?:No
  • Brand Name:Broan
  • Color:White
  • Customer Reviews:2.8 out of 5 stars6 ratings2.8 out of 5 stars
  • Date First Available :September 14, 2004
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer:No
  • Item model number:SP360108
  • Manufacturer Warranty:Free 10yr Warranty on Major Components
  • Model Info:SP360108
  • Part Number:BROSP360108
  • Product Dimensions:45.96 x 2.33 x 0.08 inches
  • Brand:Broan
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:45.96 x 2.33 x 0.08 inches

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