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Carrier 3900012123 "SENSOR
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  • Brand: CARRIER

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Carrier 3900012123 "SENSOR

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The Carrier brand new "SENSOR" is the first furnace with a blower inside that does all the work. Plus, we've added two different kinds of alerts to help your family take steps to prevent a fire. Designed by Carrier.

This Carrier 3900012123 "SENSOR" is manufactured by the Carrier brand, a brand that specializes in heating, ventilating and cooling systems. It's a series air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.70 kBtu and a heat pump capacity of 4.88 kBtu.

The Carrier "SENSOR" Indoor Humidifier automatically senses when the humidity level in your home reaches 20% and turns on to automatically humidify. This feature keeps the humidity where it needs to be while saving you energy. The control housing of the Carrier "SENSOR" Indoor Humidifier automatically slides out from under your furnace filter for easy cleaning with no drip tray to empty. The Carrier "SENSOR" Indoor Humidifier is designed to withstand high heat and can be used in furnaces, gas and oil fired boilers, as well as furnaces with variable speed blowers.

SENSOR is a thermostatically controlled programmable mechanical room humidifier. Inhibitive humidity sensing technology automatically monitors room humidity and activated ventilation system as needed. The unit's programmable timer that allows you to set the humidifer for the desired location and day of the week.

The Carrier SENSOR™ is an ideal first time air conditioner for residential or commercial use. With its efficient and quiet design, you will enjoy the benefits of the SENSOR. The SENSOR features a variable-speed compressor, scroll compressor, which is best for cooling. It also uses magnesium aluminum construction for exceptional durability and long life.

Our Carrier 3900012123 Air Conditioner uses our exclusive SENSOR technology. SENSOR continually monitors the heat in your room and automatically adjusts for more or less air, ensuring comfort on the hottest days or coldest nights.

Protect your family from hazardous gases 24 hours a day with the Carrier SENSOR. This combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarm was designed for maximum protection of rooms up to 50 feet squared. Three different sensor technologies work together to detect all types of poisonous gases and alert you the moment they are present.

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  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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