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CCY 1.8 SHWR SYS CP                                                                                                                               A9038834002
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CCY 1.8 SHWR SYS CP A9038834002

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The CCY 1.8 SHWR SYS CP will cost less than MSRP.

The CCY 1.8 SHWR SYS CP is a C-channel block with threaded gooseneck, designed for the HUBBELL WIRING DEVICES 1.8 SHWR PNL CLM RK TWR PCB ASSEMBLY kit.

The  CCY  1.8  SHWR  SYS  CP As a bicycle transportation equipment, it provides great convenience and quite enjoyment in the daily life. Besides, this product is available in rich colors and beautiful prints. Hence, it would add fun to your daily routine.

The LEC remote control works with the Signature Collection Electronic product line, including 1.8 SHWR and 1.8HWR slimline units, stainless steel air conditioners, and the All-in-One system to better assist the comfort needs of residents on a 24/7 basis. This convenient wireless controller can be used outside of apartments for individual suite level controls, weather stations, or optional low voltage door lock systems. Remote control features multi-zone control technology which allows users to turn off one or more units separately at any time. In addition, new technology from LEC enables speed and directional control of each fan

The CCY 1.8 cubic foot fridge is perfect for personal and business use, from handy lunch boxes and smaller spaces to large boot fridges that are periodically un-plugged. This practical design, coupled with Power/ECO technology, achieves optimum efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

With the 1.8 kW system capacity, you'll have everything you need to heat any room in your home. Safer than electric heating and as reliable as gas, it's economical and easy too – giving you choice and convenience in every season. Please note the picture shown is of a smaller fluid capacity model with a 3kW system capacity - the hot water cylinder featured will only be available on the 1.8kW System Capacity Landlord Model due to site space constraints. Before purchasing a HomSelect boiler please check your requirements carefully to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate system for your property. The size quoted by

For up to two adults, as part of your Consolidated Communications services. (Subject to availability of channel and speed. May not be available in all areas.)

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