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CCY LF 1.8 1HDL LEV P/OUT KITC FCT                                                                                                                A4803100075
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CCY LF 1.8 1HDL LEV P/OUT KITC FCT A4803100075

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The CCY LF 1.8 1HDL LEV P/OUT KITC FCT is designed for increasing horsepower in a stock engine. The package includes the cylinder head, intake manifold, fuel control module, camshaft, lifters, push rods, gaskets and hardware.

CCY has designed the CCY LF 1.8 1HDL LEV P/OUT KITC FCT  for limited space indoor growers who want to experience the health and growth effects of natural full light, but with less energy than HID full light. This compact unit produces 826 watts of true full spectrum, full light that covers a 12"x12' growing area, and yet is only 26-7/8" high x 19-1/2" wide x 15-1/2" deep.

The CCY LF 1.8 1HDL  LEV P/OUT KITC FCT is designed to be used in single-family RVs. The  CCY LF 1.8 1HDL is a compact, one-cylinder, side exhaust compact refrigerant fluid cooler that uses a small amount of power to keep coolant temperatures low and provide the quietest operation in its class. The unit keeps the condenser coil running at lower temperatures than traditional coolers, reducing compressor stress and wear. Features include  ...

The CCY LF 1.8 1H/L LEV P/OUT KITC FCT is a continuous duty gas engine that produces 1 Horsepower and 1.8 Kilowatts of power, with a maximum working pressure of 45 PSI. This engine has an open discharge valve and has a four-way valve for precise control of horizontal drain, vertical drain, suction or discharge valves.

The Columbus LF 1.8 1 HDL is the first A-frame ladder for the transportation and global elevator industry. Boasting a transport length of 1.8 meters, it is a compact, lightweight solution that fits into any vehicle without requiring an extension ladder or a pickup truck. Its innovative design affords exceptional flexibility, with two folding points in the boom that allow the operator to set up and mount the basket on either site independently from the other site.

Low-Flow High Performance Recirculating Pump Kit with flanges for CCY 1.8, 2.2, and 2.2 Hybrid systems. Drier required for the 1.8/5pk and 2.2/4pk systems or the 5pk/0vdw replacement evaporator system.

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