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Corporate ACNF310016 ACNF Ducted Ceiling Mounted Air Handler, Multi Speed ECM Motor, 2.5 Ton, 49-1/2 in Cabinet with Orifice Expansion
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  • Brand: Goodman

  • sku GODM-604
  • upc 663051545311
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Amana ACNF310016 Corporate ACNF Ducted Ceiling Mounted Air Handler, Multi Speed ECM Motor, 2.5 Ton, 49-1/2 in Cabinet with Orifice Expansion

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ACNF Ducted Ceiling Mounted Air Handler, Multi Speed ECM Motor, 2.5 Ton, 49-1/2 in Cabinet with Orifice Expansion

This air conditioner is a multi speed ECM motor air handler, with a 2.5 ton cooling capacity mounted in a 49-1/2 in cabinet with orifice expansion. The unit includes an integral sound attenuation enclosure for quiet operation, as well as provisions for easy access for replacement of filter and ductwork. The air handler has a built-in flue gasket and an optional remote read-out display.

The ACNF310016 is a multi speed ECM motor, two and a half ton ACNF-equipped split system air conditioner that provides superior comfort, installation ease and low energy consumption. This unit is 49-1/2 in. high and has a total operating sound level of less than 2 sones at full load. Two stages of scroll compressor with load sensing provide greater efficiency by reducing energy consumption at low cooling loads. The outdoor module includes an adjustable orifice for reliable heat rejection to meet the comfort needs of your home. The air handler provides vertical air discharge and includes an insulated fiberglass grille,

Keep your employees and premises comfortable with the ACNF Wall Mounted Remote Air Handler. This cooling unit is a 2.5 tons air handler that is mounted on the wall and includes an ECM motor for quiet, efficient performance. It has a thermal protection system with a control board that provides overload protection, restart protection and low voltage cutouts. It also includes elliptical louvers that can be adjusted to direct air flow exactly where it's needed and an orifice expansion unit that relieves pressure when temperatures rise. This model combines efficiency with versatility making it a great solution for offices, restaurants, factories and more.

The 310016 Axial Ceiling Mounted Air Handler from Trane delivers 2.5 tons of cooling capacity in a 49-1/2 inch high package. The indoor air handler is a 3-speed ECM motor model that can help lower your total installed price by reducing the refrigeration charge by up to 24% with heat recovery capability and superior seasonal performance. It features Advanced Scroll Compressor Technology for increased efficiency, scroll compressors on the outdoor unit, polyolester inlet valves for energy savings and motor protection and also has a high performance curved plenum design.

Suitable for installation in high rise office towers, hotel and motel rooms, apartment buildings and other low profile structures, the ACNF310016 is a central forced-air unit that has 100% aluminum construction cabinet with an orifice expansion and multi speed ECM motor.

The 2.5 ton air handler has multi-speed ECM motor with pull-and-click easy wiring terminals. Built-in 0-30% OAFC, wire mesh filter drier, 1/4 HP spare sealed LHU and a high ambient kit for cooling application in regions with high ambient temperature and relative humidity as specified in NEC® Article 690. The unit also includes four 0 to 160 degree thermostat, a TXV drain pan, an internal orifice expansion (TX47 combination), an anodized aluminum blower wheel (IFM) and a field reversible orifice assembly.

You will get more from every day — from your home, to your workplace, and to leisure. Now you can get in on the freshest air with the 310016 Ducted Air Handler. With this unit's high-efficiency ECM motor and capable 2.5-ton airflow, you can keep your workspace cool and productive, or keep heating costs down at home.

The Carrier ACNF Series 2.5 ton system is a space saving and cost effective unit that can deliver sufficient cooling to small and medium commercial applications. The unit's durable epoxy paint finish and large 1" foam insulated cabinet provide quiet, maintenance free operation.

The Air King is built with quality materials including a durable powder coated galvanized steel cabinet and all-aluminum evaporator coil. The double coil, multi-speed ECM motor and oversized condenser, pump and blower are designed to meet the extreme demands of commercial air conditioning applications.

This multi-speed air handler, with huge cooling capacity, is ideal for commercial applications. Its small footprint makes it easy to install in even the tightest space. Designed for residential and light commercial use, it features a thermostat control and individual air shutoff dampers. Easy to install and easy to maintain, it's great for heating and cooling any space that needs powerful cooling.

The American Commercial Air Series 310016 Fan delivers an impressive 2.5 Tons of cooling or heating power and is a great unit for homes, schools, restaurants and more. Patented positive displacement blower wheel technology guarantees trouble free living with very low noise levels and longer life expectancy.

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  • upc 663051545311
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:21.00
  • Height:10.00
  • Width:21.00
  • Weight:68.00
  • blowerMotorHorsepower:1/4 metric hp
  • blowerMotorRpm:1550 r/min
  • cabinetFeatures:1. Primary/secondary drain connection in a high-temperature plastic drain pan;2. Suitable for free-return installation (non-ducted return air);3. Galvanized-steel construction;4. Factory-installed pull-type disconnect;5. Easy service access
  • cabinetFinish:Painted
  • cartonType:CTN
  • casedVsUncased:Uncased
  • communicationFeature:No
  • condensateDrainOutlet:3/4 in
  • coolingCapacityNominal:30000 Btu/H
  • countryOfOrigin:USA
  • currentType:AC
  • dimensionsBlowerDiameter:6-3/4 in
  • dimensionsBlowerWidth:8-1/4 in
  • dimensionsUnitDepth:21 in
  • dimensionsUnitHeight:10 in
  • dimensionsUnitWidth:49-1/2 in
  • energySource:Electric
  • expansionDevice:Orifice
  • familyDescription:Ceiling-Mount Air Handlers 1¬O to 2¬O Tons
  • functionCategory:Heat Pump
  • indoorBlowerFla:2:00 AM
  • indoorOrificeSize:0.059 in
  • installationConfiguration:Downflow
  • installationType:Ducted Ceiling Mounted
  • maxOvercurrentProtection:15/15 A
  • maxVoltage:253 V
  • minCircuitAmps:2.5/2.5 A
  • minVoltage:197 V
  • motorSpeedType:Multi Speed ECM
  • pipeSizeGas:3/4 in
  • pipeSizeLiquid:3/8 in
  • powerFrequency:60 Hz
  • powerPhase:1 Ph
  • powerVoltage:208-230 V
  • productClassPim:Air Handler
  • productDescriptionPim:2.5 Ton, Ceiling-Mount, Uncased Air Handler
  • proposition65Label:Yes
  • refrigerantType:R-410A
  • registeredPartsWarrantyCommercial:ALL PARTS - 5 YEARS PARTS
  • registeredPartsWarrantyMultifamily:ALL PARTS - 10 YEARS PARTS
  • registeredPartsWarrantyResidential:ALL PARTS - 10 YEARS PARTS
  • serializedFlag:Yes
  • standardPartsWarrantyCommercial:ALL PARTS - 5 YEARS PARTS
  • standardPartsWarrantyMultifamily:ALL PARTS - 5 YEARS PARTS
  • standardPartsWarrantyResidential:ALL PARTS - 5 YEARS PARTS
  • systemFamily:Unitary Split System
  • tonnage:2.5
  • tonnageRange:2.5
  • unitType:Indoor
  • usHtsCode:8415.90.8085

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