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  • Brand: Cortelco

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Cortelco 000123ELTPAK 250047-VBA-NDL Red desk no dial.

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Loud Electronic Ringer

Loud Electronic Ringer for use with the Cortelco RST21 Handset or Cortelco T-21,T-22 and Ergo Handsets . This Ringer is used on Wall Plates . It is a Loud 4 Watt ringer ,For use with the RST21 handset .

The Cortelco ELTPAK 250047 is a red desk phone that has a loud electronic ringer. Features include Star-design dial pad, 2 line capability, 16 character LCD display, 3 digit numeric caller ID, and an instructional guide. Whether you need extra phones for your modular phones system or just want more handsets in your home office or to give as gifts, Cortelco has the phone for you.

The Cortelco 000123ELTPAK 250/4 Antique Red desk phone is a very attractive red phone. This phone has many different features. This phone has a loud electronic ringer so if you choose to you can hear it across the room without having to leave your seat. This phone also has an off hook indicator along with back lit last number redial.

The Cortelco 000123ELTPAK 250047-VBA-NDL red desk phone , provides dependability and convenience. The phone is built with a loud electronic ringer that ensures you can be heard in noisy office environments. == Features == * Desk phone * Plugs into junction box or directly to standard phone lines without separate base unit * 2 line LCD display * Phone: 2 lines, 50 call logging , hold, transfer, conference and memo buttons * Additional features include:

This loud ringer is perfect for use as a telephone ringer extension in noisy industrial locations where distant ringing may be difficult to hear. This model operates on 120V AC and is not designed for use with DTMF touchtone systems. Thanks to Cortelco's ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, it is guaranteed against defects in workmanship or material under normal use and service for two years from shipment date. The guarantee does not apply to damage due to abuse or misuse. Shipping costs are non-

Alert call! This ringer takes advantage of an electronic diaphragm to make sure that your caller is impossible to miss. An adjustable ringer sound volume switch lets you adjust the output to the level best suited for your environment, and ringing resistors protect the circuitry from voltage surges. Transformer and 2-conductor wire included.

The Cortelco 000123ELTPAK is a desk telephone, without a dial. It has an extra loud ring to easily grab attention. The special circuitry design ensures the ringer to sound as loudly as possible without circuit damage. Has 3 level adjustment of volume control.

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  • upc 048044002512
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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  • Height:10.25
  • Width:6.00

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