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  • Brand: CSI Moen

  • sku FERG-345893
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A fast way to charge your battery! The MagneMotion Dock from CSI allows you to dock and charge the battery of an M18 cordless* tool without removing it from the tool. It's perfect for jobs where you're moving around a lot. Quick and easy, the magnetically-attached cradle makes it simple, just pluck the battery from the tool and put it on the charging cradle.

The Moen CSI M187053 Magnetix Docking Cradle features a strong magnetic hold that allows you to store your drill vertically. It includes a soft-grip handle and a rubberized base. The magnets are strong enough to accommodate most cordless drills up to 5 lb in weight. The docking system also gives you the flexibility to access the rear of your drill for adding or changing batteries in hard-to-reach, tight spaces where other types of cradles just won’t fit. This docking cradle can also be used with radios, routers, and other power tools.

The CSI M187053 MAGNETIX DOCKING CRADLE, CHROME from Moen is made to fit your needs and your style. This product will work in any home, and it will last for years with proper care and use. You can use this item anywhere in your home because of its portability. The materials are sturdy, yet lightweight so you do not have to worry about being weighed down by the item while you are using it. This is a wonderful product that you can use to give yourself more space throughout your home.

The Ferguson M187053 Magnetix Docking Cradle provides a convenient, hands-free way to charge and store your cordless power drill or driver. The magnetically held docking cradle prevents your cordless power drill or driver from rolling away while you're charging it. It's perfect for use around the home or in the job site and is suitable for use with 10V FERGUSON MAGNETIX POWER TOOLS.

Now you can hit the right note with this docking cradle by Ferguson. It has a magnetic connection that ensures your tool stays firmly in place while you work. A no-slip grip on the bottom keeps it steady when you need it most and a rubberized base will help to prevent scratches or damage to the surface. Its lightweight, compact design helps you get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Water pressure is an essential part of your well-being. The flow of water, the temperature, and the cleanliness are all critical factors in achieving optimal quality of life. The only way to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing is to use Ferguson M187053 Magnetix Dockings Cradle. It's a must have for any CSI investigator who demands results.


The Ferguson M187053 Magnetix Docking Cradle is a great Ferguson repair part that works with Ferguson ferguson m187053.

Ferguson Magnetix Docking Cradle.

The Ferguson M187053 Magneticix Dock-N-Charge cradle is a precision engineered magnetic docking system that accommodates the Fisher & Paykel Fisher & Paykel IQTouch, IQAir and Amada i4 CPAP/BiPAP machines. The system includes an adjustable magnetic base, docking panel and 12-volt car charging cable.

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  • upc 026508281116
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Weight:0.00

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