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*CVR* CCY 1.8 DECKARD SHWRHD                                                                                                                      PJ15DA0K
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  • Brand: Pfister

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The CCY 1.8 deckard superheat hard drive from CVR features great performance at a price far below the competition. With models available up to 6 TB, it's sure to have the volume you need. Its slim design and quiet performance are perfect for desktops, laptops, and smaller servers - in fact, its strong performance even makes it well-suited for demanding non-server environments as well!

The CVR CCY 1.8 Deckard Hybrid Hardwood floors were designed to challenge the trend set by solid wood flooring and set a whole new level of quality. The CCX 1.8 series is meticulously hand-scraped for an unparalleled aesthetic effect. Each board has a natural variation in tone, shade and grain texture that adds to its unique charm as your floor is refinished after installation, it will deepen and darken over time, creating a truly one-of-a-kind customized look and feel. They are available as either prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring which can be stained to fit

The CCY 1.8 Deckard Shift Helmet offers a fashionable set of cool colors; red, orange, gray and blue that are perfect for those who prefer to stand out in a crowd or just want to have some out of the box fun. The body is constructed from resin compound construction that is reported to be sturdy and adds to its durability. The helmet is reported to being functional, comfortable and offers a ´vaulted fit´ which means it can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort.

The C.V.R. Custom Shower Head, is the perfect addition to your showering experience. Built of durable brass material and available in a stunning polished chrome finish, this Shower Head comes complete with a 1/2" NPT Pipe Thread making installation simple and fast. These shower heads are made to last and will add a stylish touch to any home bathroom environment.

With bold and unexpected features, our Acclaim collection is a step above the crowd.                            The Piecemaker DECKARD offers plenty of space to comfortably live out of when you're on the road. An innovative flexible interior system allows you to separate clothing items into different storage areas ideal for mixing and matching pieces in 20-inch and 24-inch sizes to fit your personal needs.

The CorsoVettaro is a unique, soft-sided duffel that combines style and durability, with 1.8mm high density nylon tarpaulin urethane coating, a rotational moulded base, self-repairing RMAT rigid panels, self-repairing zippers and ballistic material in impact areas.

The Deckard House is a stunning three bedroom semi-detached home. With open plan living and a stunning kitchen this home is a must see.

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  • upc 38877643518
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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