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American Standard A8012A70GRC415 INAX Heated Shower Toilet Bidet Seat with Remote Control + Dual Nozzle, White

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American Standard Inax Bidet Seat W/Remote Canvas White Canvas White

American Standard Inax Bidet Seat with Remote Control + Dual Nozzle, White. The seat acts as a bidet removing the requirement to squirt water. It has portable control box and hose mounted on the back of the bidet which allows you to use the remote control to turn the heated seat on or off.

The A8012A70GRC415 INAX Heated Shower Toilet Bidet Seat with Remote Control + Dual Nozzle, White by American Standard offers a lot of helpful features and performance. This bidet is fully electric and has a remote control for ease of use. The electronic controls are compact and easy to use which makes this product stand out above many others in its class. Another great feature is the stylish all-weather white finish which looks good in any washroom.

The Inax A8012A70GRC415 bidet toilet seat by American Standard offers bathroom quality service without the high price. This toilet includes a remote control, heated seat, and warm water wash. It also features exclusive nozzle with control and 2 spray options: jet and aerated stream. There are convenient front easy-touch controls for personalized preferences.

American Standard A8012A70GRC415 INAX Heated Shower Toilet Bidet Seat with Remote Control + Dual Nozzle, White

Bidet Seats Require Standard American Standard 2-Piece Toilet Installation. The Toilet Seat Bidet is Perfect For Todays High Tech Lifestyles. Inax offers the best bidet toilet seats for toilets in the USA at an affordable price. Our bidet seats are among the world's highest quality with warm water, air dryer, heated seat, deodorizer, and nightlight. Using the bidet seat will help you to maintain a comfortable clean feeling instead of using dry paper.

The Inax A8012A70GRC415 bidet toilet seat features an elegant design and clean styling that really pops in the bathroom. The soft and cushioned seat has deodorizing charcoal filter which reduces unpleasant smells. The deodorizing charcoal is safe for all family members and pets. You can control the temperature of the heated seat which allows you to be comfortable at all times. The remote control feature allows you to activate the bidet functions conveniently from anywhere in your bathroom.

The INAX IN1010-47 bidet offers unique features, including its nozzle design, ceramic valve and heater. The nozzle can be positioned forward or rearward for optimal cleaning at any angle. The stainless steel ceramic valve prevents corrosion, ensuring smooth on and off flushing with a clean and fresh ergonomic handle. The Intelligent Control Panel is easily accessible to adjust settings at the touch of a button – there is no need to be an electrical expert for installation or maintenance.

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  • upc 791556102224
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Collection Name:ADVANCED CLEAN
  • Color/Finish Name:CANVAS WHITE
  • Lifestyle Image File Name:https://americanstandard.box.com/shared/static/4e76wyb47m99gnzcobyvaafytbk0mbgj.jpg
  • NEW Features 01:Two Self-Cleaning water spray nozzles for independent front and back cleansing.
  • NEW Features 02:Adjustable Heated Seat: 3 pre set and 2 additional customer settings
  • NEW Features 03:Adjustable Water Controls: Pressure and temperature have 5 levels: 3 pre set and 2 customer settings + Massage feature
  • NEW Features 04:Deodorizer with easy to access and clean charcoal filter cartridge (approximately 10 years)
  • NEW Features 05:Slow-close seat and lid for user convenience
  • NEW Features 06:One-push Removable Seat for easier cleaning of the seat & bowl.
  • NEW Features 07:One-touch power save (8 hours)
  • NEW Features 08:Remote operation
  • Toilet Bowl Length:11-1/4 in21-1/2 in
  • Toilet Bowl Shape:Elongated
  • Toilet Bowl Width:7-5/165 in
  • Toilet Seat Shape:Elongated

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