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GEARWRENCH KD84782 8 Piece Bolt Biter ExtractionSkt. Set
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  • Brand: Apex

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Apex KD84782 GEARWRENCH 8 Pc. 1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set -

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8 Piece Bolt Biter ExtractionSkt. Set

These tools are commonly used on diesels and older engines where nuts have been over-torqued, or rusted into place

1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set GearWrench's most complete and comprehensive 1/4 in

1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Extraction Socket Set brings the power of a full-size ratchet and sockets to bear on bolts too tight for a standard socket to remove! The set comes with eight extractors that are designed to grab onto flats on the sides of damaged bolts, allowing you to turn them without having to hold the wrench on the bolt

Each socket is laser etched with size markings, so it’s easy to read the size from any angle

1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set for the job

1/4" & 3/8" Drive Bolt Biter Impact Extraction Socket Set is a combination of the most popular sockets in the Apex line

This kit contains a selection of 1/4" and 3/8" drive tools for extracting bolts, nuts and other fasteners

Designed for extracting fasteners from hard-to-reach places, the Apex KD84782 bolt biters are built from tough chrome vanadium steel with a black oxide finish that resists rusting and corrosion

Extraction sockets are used for extracting stubborn fasteners, allowing you to break them free with only hand tools

They can be used in three ways: by hammering, by impact gun or even by hand

This set contains six 3/8" bits and two 1/4" bits

The Apex KD84782 GEARWRENCH 8 Pc

6 lbs

This is a set of 8 1/4" and 3/8" Drive Socket Bits

This set is designed for use with pneumatic impact wrenches, which enable the user to quickly extract bolts from a variety of locations with minimal effort and reduced risk of injury

The socket end of the tool features a specially designed extractor that firmly grips into the smallest hole in the fastener and removes it with ease

The side cutting teeth allow for fast and efficient bolt extraction without damage to the fastener or surrounding material

These bits are for installing and removing rusted or seized Bolts, Nuts, and Studs from most steel applications

Made of forged chrome vanadium steel

It's super lightweight, just 2

Whether you’re an avid DIYer, weekend warrior, or a professional mechanic, this Impact Extraction Socket Set is a must-have for your toolbox

The bolt biter feature allows you to quickly break free stubborn bolts without damaging the bolt or the surrounding area

The set also includes a universal joint, which allows you to position your wrench in just the right spot, and four easy-to-grip handles

They make the job of removing these fasteners easy with their patented "Bite-n-Pull" design

Perfect for any job site or garage, these sockets are sure to be used again and again

Not only will you be able to remove your own bolts but also those pesky rusted bolts that have been in place for years

The carbide finish provides excellent corrosion resistance on all types of fasteners

and 3/8 in

Drive Bolt Biter Socket Set! This heavy duty 8 piece socket set has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, featuring forged sockets with lifetime warranty, extended ImpactProof® S2 steel made to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions; each socket is chrome plated for rust prevention and maximum durability

, and also has an ergonomic grip to make your work easier

This impact socket set will make loosening bolts a breeze and save you time


Features an easy-to-hold comfort grip that helps reduce hand fatigue

When you need to get bolts out of things quickly and easily, you want Eagle's Apex KD84782 GEARWRENCH 8 Pc

The Apex KD84782 GEARWRENCH 8-Piece Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets Set combines efficient, high performance with superior durability and versatility

All sockets are constructed from chrome vanadium steel for maximum durability, strength and corrosion resistance

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  • upc 099575847820
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:12.80
  • Height:1.80
  • Width:3.50
  • Weight:1.25
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