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M&M: Atlas of Earth-Prime

The Atlas of Earth-Prime is a comprehensive guide to the various cities of Earth-Prime. This illustrated atlas details the structure, administration, and culture of fifty-three major metropolitan areas on Earth-Prime and its colonies, including maps pinpointing major institutions, infrastructure, and points of interest for each city.

This is the complete Atlas of Earth-Prime, in mint condition. The maps and illustrations are finely detailed, perfectly clear and quite vivid, and cover all major cities and landmarks on the North American continent. There is also an informative index at the back.

The Atlas is the most complete and accurate map of the globe-spanning world of Earth-Prime ever compiled. Gridded and cross-referenced from corner to corner, its hand drawn inks are as unique as the world they depict. Covering countries, cities, indigenous populations, mythical beasts, and more, there are over 600 illustrations in total.

A small pocket universe has been discovered inside the planet Spaghettio, and it is falling apart. Now it's your job to help M&M stop the destruction of Earth-Prime with 60 levels throughout the universe. Choose from 3 different M&M characters and try to collect as many coins before time runs out.

The Atlas is a compilation of all known information about the planet Earth-Prime . This book is necessary for any traveler or dimension hopper who wishes to understand the science that supports the existence of our own universe, and how it differs from those found in stories, movies, and comic books.

The Earth-Prime Geographic Survey was an Atlas agency effort begun in 2333, forty-eight years before publication of this atlas. The surveyors wanted to document conditions on the little-known planet of Earth-Prime as well as its artificially created moon, Terre.

Discover the unknown, explore new worlds, and create adventure in one of the most comprehensive settings for the Numenera RPG. Created as part of a massive collaboration between gamers and the creators of Numenera, this campaign explores—and expands on—the new corebook, including additional character options, equipment, creatures, adventure creation tools, and everything else you need to run adventures set on Earth-Prime.

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  • Hardcover :272 pages
  • ISBN-10 :193454776X
  • ISBN-13 :978-1934547762
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  • Language:English
  • Publisher :Green Ronin Publishing; Illustrated edition (June 27, 2017)
  • Print length:272 pages
  • Publication date:June 27, 2017
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