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Best American Standard Toilets

Posted by Amos on Jan 13th 2022

Best American Standard Toilets

Photo from American Standard

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

The American Standard toilets have a variety of features, such as the EverClean bowl, which prevents mold, algae and streaks. The two-piece toilets have sanitary dams used to enhance hygiene and reduce toilet leaks. An outstanding feature of these toilets is the H2Option Siphonic. It uses a combined system to push water from the cistern to the bowl and down to the sewers during a flush. This toilet usually has a power jet that pushes water into the plumbing, creating a spiral siphoning effect to suck out waste. The water has high pressure that gets all the stains off the toilet bowl. The EverClean features also prevent odors from the toilet. The American Standard toilets use at least 1.28GPF for solid waste and about 0.92GPF for liquid waste. The toilet seats are sold separately, and the seats come in round and oval shapes as well as in various colors. The toilet’s moving parts have a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic material.


  • They come in various sizes and colors that can suit any user’s needs.

  • They are well built and beautifully designed.

  • They come with a warranty.

  • The toilets have achieved WaterSense.


  • The toilet seats are sold separately.

American Standard One-Piece Boulevard FloWise Toilet

The one-piece toilets have space-saving capabilities because they have smaller dimensions. The toilets weigh 117 pounds, and it is heavier than most two-pieces. They have a sleek look and are made of sturdy construction. A 2-inch siphon jet trap is also incorporated into the toilets. The said siphon traps are suitable for all toilets in the industry. However, the 3-inch diameter flushing valve is capable of providing more flushing power. The toilets use about 1.28GPF. These toilets also meet WaterSense standards.

The toilet seats have an elongated design that is oval, more streamlined and leaner too. When they are installed, they have a 12-inch rough-in and can fit well in small spaces. Hidden behind a linear sleek block, is an elongated trap.

These toilets have a smooth and flat side that helps prevent dirt build-up and hiding. The toilet seats have a slow-closing lid that prevents slamming. They are made of Duroplast material.

The cistern flushes against the wall. However, there is usually a little curve where dirt can easily hide, and it may not be easy to clean the area. In terms of aesthetics, the toilets have a “minimalist” effect.


  • These toilets have various features such as the EverClean glaze and the power wash rim that keeps the toilet spotless at all times.

  • It is also made of more linen than curves, which makes it easier to clean the toilet’s surfaces.

  • These toilets also have 35 ounces per flush MaP rating.


  • The toilets are made of heavy material, which could be a problem during installation when carrying them around.

  • Although they are high-quality, they are also high-cost.

    American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

This two-piece toilet provides an EverClean surface that protects against bacteria and unwanted waste from sticking. The outside of the toilet is also glazed EverClean surface.

The flappers are corrosion-proofed and are safe to use even when using harsh cleaning materials. It is also resistant to clogs.

This toilet also has a 3-inch trap which makes more water jet out during every flush cycle. The suction is strengthened so that it can easily get rid of any debris that is stuck on your toilet’s surface.

The American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet is a very practical and eye-catching piece. They have a triangular toilet tank that fits quite well with tight corners. This makes small bathrooms look spacious. It also has a round toilet seat, which offers more space as well.


  • It uses about 1.28GPF and is suitable for water conservation purposes.

  • This toilet comes with an additional clog-free flushing power.

  • The tip of the triangle on the toilet tank is rounded, which prevents the walls from getting scratched.


  • The tank, toilet seat and bowl are all sold separately.

American Standard is a leading plumbing and high-performing home products brand. Find more American Standard products here!

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