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  • Brand: Honeywell

  • sku ORS-158309
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Honeywell 068-049076 BO416 WATER-JEL DRESSING4 X 16

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The Honeywell 068-049076 WATER-JEL DRESSING4 X 16 is a dressing designed for home health care.

Water-Jel Wound Dressing, 4x16 In, 100/BX; Easy to Apply--No Sticking; Easy To Remove--No Scrapping of Broken Skin; Conforms and Expands To All Extremities of The Wound Without Tears Or Distortion; Non Irritating with No Squeezing Necessary.

BO416 is a sterile, water-based products consisting of a combination of purified water and polymerized olefin (P.O.) The polymer wraps around the wound edges to seal away harmful bacteria. Each dressing contains a silver-bearing adhesive layer that continues to release antimicrobial silver over time. The P.O. cushion is permeable which allows normal exudates to accumulate and reduce the risk of maceration of the wound bed.

Honeywell's Water-Jel Brand Dressings helps to control bleeding and speed healing, with its great palette of features. The consistency is isotonic, and it starts to dissolve in contact with blood, and even works while wet. It is safe for all body parts, leaves no residue and has a soft, non-sticky feel so they can walk around in comfort.

Honeywell Water-Jel Dressings promote healing and provide moisture to the wound. Painless, non-adherent, and absorbent.

Honeywell Water-Jel™ is a highly advanced, ready-to-use burn and wound care gel. Each burn dressing is made from patented Water-Jel™ dressings and burn pads with a sterile pad liner. This combination creates an easy to place, easy to use, ready to apply burn dressing that is unmatched in the industry.

Honeywell Water-Jel Wound Dressings combine hydrophilic gel and aloe to facilitate faster wound healing. The dressing absorbs blood and exudate, protects wounds from more severe drying while cooling effects minimize pain and inflammation.

1 days
  • upc 429610021500
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:6.90
  • Height:0.77
  • Width:4.80

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