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Honeywell VBN2CMSX6200 "1""NPT 2W 26Cv PROP S/R N/C 24V"
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Honeywell VBN2CMSX6200 "1""NPT 2W 26Cv PROP S/R N/C 24V"

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"1""NPT 2W 26Cv PROP S/R N/C 24V"

Great airflow at a great price. The Honeywell VBN2CMSX6200 (1""NPT 2W 26Cv PROP S/R N/C 24V) is an 1100 CFM ceiling cassette two speed wall mount fan that includes WhisperWind motor technology, 6 speed settings, and patented i-check indicator lights that let you know when to clean or replace your filters.

The VBN2CMSX6200 1""NPT 2W 26CV Proportional Solenoid Ball Valve with Shutoff N/C 24V features a stainless steel body with ball check and bonnet, brass valve operating lever, a 300 PSI working pressure, 2 full port, 3/4

Proportional valve controller with 1/2" NPT, normally closed, maximum and minimum pressure settings, stainless steel bonnet and disc. 200 to 600°F (93 to 316°C) suction temperature range.

Honeywell's easy to install 2-Wire propeller pumps and shipped with the control box and power supply.

The VBN2CMSX6200 series is a variable speed, fully proportional, closed loop proportional sliding vane gas control. It features four independent input/output channels, including two proportional output channels and two on/off output channels. The proportional controller combines the power of a 4-channel solenoid valve with the flexibility of modern process control algorithms to create an automatic gas control that is easy to install and configure. The VBN2CMSX6200 PID loop has been designed from the ground up to provide optimal performance for both batch and continuous operation.

Honeywell branded commercial product.

Get the hot water to your laundry area you've been waiting for, then maintain it when that's done. Honeywell VBN series Valves can be mounted on a wall or floor installed, depending on your application. Honeywell VBN valves are great for indoor, outdoor or portable use. Their compact design will take up less space in your room, and comes with a full range of accessories and mounting options. All offered valves come with normally closed (NC) contacts, however may be specified with normally open (NO) contacts upon request.

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