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Honeywell VBN2DLPA1000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V"

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"1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V"

VBN2DLPA1000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V"

Honeywell's part number VBN2DLPA1000 is a "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V" for a variety of single stage air compressors, which can be found in paint spray booths and paint systems.

The Honeywell VBN2DLPA1000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V" is an excellent product manufactured by Honeywell. Get this great product today and have a good time with your friends and family.

Protect your home and large appliances with the 1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv FLTG NSR 24V" from Honeywell's line of mercury vapor relays. Fully tested to check for defects, this relay works well in regulating temperatures and switching applications on and off.

Honeywell's 1/2"NPT 2 Watt Normally Closed Thermal Shut-Off Switch is a safety interlock switch, features a non-conductive plastic housing and terminal connectors. This drop-in thermal shut-off switch provides reliable protection for applications where automatic shut-off is required.

The Honeywell VBN2DLPA1000 Fan-Convect Heat Pump is a 1.25""NPT (Female) Gasoline Engine Fan with Head. It's designed for automotive and recreational vehicles as well as light commercial vehicles to add comfort and convenience to your drive, it has a built-in electric thermostat and an adjustable fan time delay so your vehicle is always at the right temperature; regardless of the season. It provides an alternative to auxiliary engine heat by converting heat from the exhaust to cabin air. Cold air flows through the core of the device while hot air from the tailpipe is forced over

This Solenoid Valve is designed for rapid opening, it is a 2-wire design which operates from 24 Vac or 24 Vdc. Body construction material is brass, and the stems are stainless steel. The body temperature rating is 125, Max. operating pressure is 15 psi (103 kPa).

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