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Honeywell VBN2DLPA2000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv 2POS NSR 24V"

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"1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv 2POS NSR 24V"

Honeywell VBN2DLPA2000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv 2POS NSR 24V"

With Honeywell valves, controls, and instruments everyone can now have the reliability and sweat-free maintenance of a Honeywell Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) while making the world just a little greener. VBN2DLPA2000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv 2POS NSR 24V" With Universal PLC technology designed to work with all major PLC brands, these new IP67 certified valves are as tough as they come, protecting against dust, water, and oil with an InFlow Port design that doesn’t include dirty threads.

The VBN2DLPA2000 is a 2 Position (On/Off) Normally Open 24V DC Power Actuator with 1.25" NPT port and a distance greater than standard actuator ranges."

The VBN2DLPA2000 1.25" NPT double wall mounting receptacle has been designed for use with equipment or devices that have a 1.25" NPT inlet and flange, two (2) 20 amp - 125-volt power contacts at the top and bottom of the device, and four (4) non-powered contacts arranged in a rectangle that is centered between the power contacts.

The VBN2DLPA2000 is a Vibration Isolation Mount for Electric Motors, 2-wire, 1-1/4" NPT connectors, control voltage: 24 VDC at 2 watts, 1000 cycles per revolution, Operating temperature up to 125°C (257°F), Insulation resistance >500Mohm at 500Vdc

The VBN2DLPA2000 is Honeywell's most compact 2-wire BACnet controller, which offers a high performance 2 W I/O expandable to up to 8 W with TLV expansion cards. The compact design makes it ideal for retrofit applications, or where space is limited. It has 24 VDC power supply and uses the BACnet communication protocol on either U-bus or LON networks at wire speeds up to 25 Cv (50 kBaud). The input stack also supports standards based stack capability for V1 and later protocols via the ETSI BACnet stack operating mode

This Vibrating Bowl Nut for HVLP Paint Guns is used on Vibrating Paint Spray Guns when spraying Acrylic or Latex paints. Fits 1.25" Nozzle Size…

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