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Honeywell VBN2DLPA3000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"
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Honeywell VBN2DLPA3000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

Price: 2099-12-31 $186.20
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"1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

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Product technical information "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

Honeywell VBN2DLPA3000 "1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V"

Honeywell VBN2DLPA3000, 1.25""NPT 2W 25Cv PROP NSR 24V 3/4 HP 100/120-120/208-240 Volts AC Max. External Static Pressure: 0.3-0.8"WC Max. Propeller Diameter: 1.0" Max. RPM: ~700 Motor Full Load Amps @ 115V: 1.2A

The VBN2DLPA3000 1.25"NPT 3W 30Cv, 24V, Aluminum Proportional Single Stage Non-Valve Regulator provides separate pressure and flow limiting functions, which may be adjusted independently of each other. The regulator is designed to control a wide range of gas flows both on-off and modulating. With its proportional control feature, the regulator is capable of providing accurate flow control in all applications.

The VBN2DLPA3000 series momentary valves contain a 1.25"" NPT 2W solenoid valve with a built-in 24VDC power supply. These valves prove useful in many applications such as controls for industrial valves, pool equipment, and lower temperature applications (below 40 degress Celsius) where the NA175 series may not be sufficient.

Honeywell's 3D digital barometers deliver accurate readings to your application in minutes. Using a Honeywell 1.25""NPT analog output, VBN2DLPA3000 converts barometric pressure to a voltage signal that can be sent to other devices."

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