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Honeywell VBN3AEPX7400 "1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv 2POS S/R 24V"
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Honeywell VBN3AEPX7400 "1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv 2POS S/R 24V"

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"1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv 2POS S/R 24V"

The VBN3AEPX7400 1/2""NPT 3W 1Cv 2POS S/R 24V is a 3-wire, normally closed 24 VDC transmitter used for sending control signals from control panels or other devices to indicating and data recording devices. It has an NPT-1/2 inlet and a knockout for extra protection. The transmitter is UL approved for safety, and has a voltage of 120 AC/240 VAC.

Lowest cost 3-wire, 2-position solenoid valve with 24 V coil. Quick response and a continuous on/off duty cycle. Easy double check lock-on capability. 10 A rating and 1 in waterway.

Get control of your data and your costs with this industrial-grade air flow switch from Honeywell. It is designed for use with central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and it offers wired or wireless remote control. This device is available individually or in a 2-pack, helping you save both time and money. It features a 1/2" NPT design to fit onto the pipe of a rooftop unit, 2-way 24-volt operation to provide maximum versatility, and a switch that allows for permanent wiring or push-button control.

The VBN3AEPX7400 is a 3/4-inch NPT valve with 24 volts and 1 continual duty or single position control voltage connection. The 1/2-inch diaphragm switches dry contact closure and can be used for wet or dry applications. It has a trough drain and 2 side wire connections. This Honeywell 800 Series valve uses AGC technology to eliminate positional overshoot.

The Honeywell VBN3AEPX7400 1/2" Valve Body is designed to work with a variety of low voltage and 24-volt heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) applications that require single or 2-Stage control. The valve body provides two temperature control positions, which are labeled "1" and "2" in the photo above.

The Honeywell VBN3AEPX7400 Steam Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) requires a pipe connection with 1/2" NPT threads. It has a maximum working pressure of 400 psi and allows for flow rates up to 0.75 GPM at 60 psi. It is designed for residential applications, and its temperature rating is 175°F.

The VBN3 Series is Honeywell's premium line of liquid level controls for low to medium viscosity liquids. These low cost, high performance, easy to install devices provide reliable measurement of level in storage tanks. They are ideal for monitoring many industrial and commercial liquids including petroleum based products, chemicals, natural gas.

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