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Honeywell VBN3ELPX7300 "1.5""NPT 3W 24Cv 2POS S/R 24V"
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Honeywell VBN3ELPX7300 "1.5""NPT 3W 24Cv 2POS S/R 24V"

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"1.5""NPT 3W 24Cv 2POS S/R 24V"

Honeywell VBN3ELPX7300 "1.5""NPT 3W 24Cv 2POS S/R 24V"OEM duct switch

The VBN3ELPX7300 is a 2-in, 3-out NPT, low power analog communication 24V speed controller for Honeywell?s Sunc?r? solar trackers. The VBN3ELPX7300 is compatible with the HCS8 and HCS9 trackers.

The VBN3ELPX7300 is a 2-Position, 3-Wire Non-Programmable with an Advance Output and a Fixed Range (clockwise and counterclockwise) from Honeywell. This unit has a 1/4 Horsepower 120/240 Volt AC Permanent Magnet Motor, 4.15 x .75 inch Solid Shaft and Drive End Bearings. The HVBS 5VF Mounting Base is included in this item. This device is UL listed for correct installation according to national law.

Eaton sensor-inductive proximity switches sense the presence of objects within an adjustable range. They are used for controlling machine functions where a locking or holding action is desired. The switch types are identified by sensing ranges and switching characteristics.

The VBN3ELPX is an unusually small Omron Valve in the BN Series. Its small dead space (D-S) size meets the request for a small valve product and its new design with a built-in coil and plate packing, which was not possible to implement in conventional valves due to its small dead space (D-S), contributes to compact valves that require less mounting installation area and less wiring work. This is suited for use in high-system pressure lines of total suction pressure up to 24 bar.

Siemens Circuir Transmitter Module

N/P Broadcast Pump for Utility Flow Control Valve.

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