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Star Products STA72401 Hose for Exhaust Pressure Kit

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Hose for Exhaust Pressure Kit

The Hose for Exhaust Pressure Kit contains a 3-1/4" high performance reinforced vinyl hose that connects the fan to the filter. The section of this 12' 3/4" diameter hose is constructed as follows: a clear plastic layer for durability and UV resistance, an aluminum foil layer to make the hose heat reflective, and then finally a powdered aluminum layer to help dissipate heat. This is a thicker-gauge hose than used in previous years.

The Star Product STA-72401 Hose for Exhaust Pressure Kit is assembled to connect your LP gas grill's exhaust kit to one of the charcoal grates with the included L (6 in.) and H (18 in.) Clamps. The Exhaust Hose measures 12 inches with the gasket installed along with 6 inches without the gasket.

Start barbecuing like a pro. Not only is this hose ideal for connecting an extra-large propane tank to the Star BBQ Exhaust Pressure Kit, it's also the perfect addition to your Star BBQ system if you're looking to extend your setup. This long, lasting hose features brass fittings and brass push lock connectors to provide stable air pressure for everyday use.

This replacement hose is designed to fit our Exhaust Pressure kit (Sta-Bil EX20). The kit includes the following items: Sta-Bil 14473G Universal Peak Pressure Regulator, Sta-Bil EX62490 Air Intake Hose, and Sta-Bil EX42450 One Piece Mounting Base

This hose is used in conjunction with the exhaust pressure kit to increase the airflow and thus increase the temperature of the exhaust gases. As an alternative way to achieve higher temperatures, this 12' hose can be placed between the exhaust pipes and a wall of the house or building, connected to a standard shop vacuum. This process will draw hot exhaust gas into your vacuum cleaner bag thus increasing its temperature.

Our Exhaust Pressure Hose is designed to attach your grill to your chimney pipe for convection cooking. To accomplish this, we have included our Adjustable 3-arm 90 degree elbow that attaches to the front of your grill frame, and the plate with screws and washers to attach it securely to your chimney pipe. Our hoses are made of extremely durable 3/16" thick steel, with clear silicone tubing for a secure air-tight seal.

Our 2 1/8" hose is designed to fit the following pressure kits: Star Products STA32303, STA22520 & STA35021. (Sold Separately)

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