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  • Brand: Franke

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Hot Valve Range The HOT VALVE Franke FR9103HOT VALVE Franke FR9103 with hot water and soap mixers! It maximizes convenience and sanitation without sacrificing thoroughness, while maximizing user safety.

The Franke FR9103HOT VALVE is a high performance, single handle activated mixer tap with a Franke BLACK & DECKER dimming electronic mixer tap. The hot / cold water spout mixer enables the dual function of washing your hands or preparing meals. This fully controllable model mixes both hot and cold water at the touch of a button to give you just the right temperature for your comfort. Ideal for use in kitchens where there is little room between work surfaces and sinks,

This three-spigot Franke Model #FR9103HOT VALVE is made of premium quality brass with chrome finish, constructed for use as a single faucet and includes a basket strainer. It measures 2-5/8" maximum flow and incorporates a universal deck mounting kit for installation on either the right or left side of a sink, and features a 10" long black nylon braided water supply line. Its minimized stem design saves space under the sink and reduces spray back

The Franke FR9103 Hot Valve replaces the traditional heating element found most faucets with a 40% more efficient, low-energy, heat pump that delivers instant hot water at the touch of a button. Franke's unique heat exchange technology allows for a 100°C (212°F) supply temperature at a consumption of just 0.35 liters/min (0.1 gpm). Included in the box are an electric power unit, set of mounting clips and adapters, instructions

This stopper has a special valve that opens when hot water is poured into the sink, enabling you to wash dishes while one tap remains open. When closed, it allows water to run freely. The Franke HOT-VALVE FR9103 is made in Italy from high quality stainless steel which ensures high durability and perfect hygiene.

Franke's next generation Hot-Cold Boiler Valve, the FR9103, allows user to select hot water temperature between 0 and 100 ºC (32 and 212 ºF) as well as the ability to maintain a constant set point.

Instantly shut off the flow of water - or let it run free - with this valve, and have the option of turning adjusting hot water volume.

1 days
  • upc 7612873005513
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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