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IRWIN INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO HA73627 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit Carded
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IRWIN INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO HA73627 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit Carded

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27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit Carded

Irwin Industrial Tools, founded by Irwin A

This allows you to drill up to 10X faster than standard twist bits

Set screw stops bit from slipping in drill chuck and points bit tip forward for fast, clean hole drilling

This drill bit features a TurboMax tip that has a larger diameter than the shank for easier access in tight places

The extra-long flutes are made of high-speed steel to deliver fast drilling, while the rugged carbide tip ensures long tool life

This TurboMax Drill Bit 27/64 Reduced Shank (8

has designed an impact-ready, heavy duty drill bit that is reinforced and built to last

45mm) has a thin design and superior durability for drilling in wood, plastic and metal

The IRWIN Speedbor TurboMaxDrill bit features the unique combination of a solid shank and a reduced shank for a variety of drilling applications

The patented TrueForm(TM) shank design provides smoother, straighter drilling, while the TurboMax(TM) flutes improve chip clearance for a fast and clean cut

The “Max” in TurboMax refers to the high strength, case hardened steel body and tungsten carbide tip that are more resistant to breakage than traditional bits

The "Drill Bit Carded" includes 5/16-inch through 1/2-inch bit sizes for drilling into metal or masonry

The high speed steel tip stays sharper for longer time period and provides exceptional drilling performance in hard materials

Irwin Industrial Tool Co

A heavy-duty TurboMax shank design offers up to 25% longer life than standard metal drill bits

Irwin Industrial Tool Co HA73627 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit is ideal for drilling hard materials, including steel

Irwin Industrial Tools are engineered for industrial applications

The extended length reduces the need for excessive downward pressure when drilling, allowing better control and reducing user fatigue

Irwin and his son Mark in 1939, has set the standard for quality and value in the hand tool business

Over the years, IRWIN has designed and manufactured tens of thousands of maintenance and specialty hand tools to meet the specific needs of the professional user

Every IRWIN Speedbor bit is backed by a lifetime warranty; they are guaranteed to last a lifetime because they are made using forged steel spin point technology

It features a tapered flute design that allows the bit to run cooler, reducing friction and increasing energy transfer

IRWIN Speedbor bits have a patented carbide tip that allows you to drill faster with less vibration than any other bit

With over 125 years of woodworking experience, Irwin is a true leader in the woodworking tools industry

Irwin 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit Carded features a reduced shank design that offers superior bit stabilisation and a larger strip-diameter for increased rigidity, which translates into faster penetration rates and longer durability

It's made of high speed steel with a new spade drill point tip that drills up to 25% faster than standard bits

The Speedbor's counter-sink design reduces the time required to drill accurate holes without walking and ensures a precise fit with all standard size screws

It generates extreme cutting action to power through the hardest materials and outperform ordinary bits

It features an innovative drill point that allows you to drill faster and easier in metal or wood

This bit is designed for use on corded or cordless drills, providing maximum power transfer with less kickback than standard bits

The result is increased drilling speed, faster drilling recovery and less drill torque

Irwin 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit Carded is a superbly durable bit that is specially engineered to withstand the toughest of jobs

It has a carbide tip that stays sharp up to 8 times longer than other bits and offers you precision drilling with extra control

The Irwin Industrial Tools IRWIN Speedbor 27/64 Reduced Shank TurboMaxDrill Bit is a 3/2-inch bit with an aggressive auger tip for drilling in wood, plastic and non-metallic materials

The TurboMax+ feature ensures the bit stays sharp by using a nickel titanium alloy for the core and cutting edges

The Irwin Speedbor fast drill bit features patented self-centering tip technology that provides superior bit stability and runs up to 2X faster than conventional twist drill bits

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