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Mason Pearson U-HC-13044 Large Popular Bristle and Nylon Brush - BN1 Dark Ruby
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  • Brand: Mason Pearson

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Mason Pearson U-HC-13044 Large Popular Bristle and Nylon Brush - BN1 Dark Ruby

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This brush is generally used for normal to thick hair with eight rings of bristle and nylon tufts of carefully selected pure boar bristle, each of which contains a nylon strand.

This is a versatile all-round brush suitable for general hair care. It is particularly good for normal to thick hair, with eight rings of bristle and nylon tufts. It is made from hand-selected pure boar's bristles, carefully arranged to give a compact shape that enables the brush to reach easily between the teeth and along the gum line. The firm bristle ensures thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums while massaging the gums against the firm handle. The nylon tufts are also capable of removing plaque without damaging tooth enamel, and they are excellent at detaching food debris from between the teeth

This Mason Pearson large Popular design is made from a combination of eight rings of pure bristle and nylon tufts. This stylish dark ruby red-painted design features pure boar bristle and soft Nylon bristles which are ideal for normal to thick hair. Beautifully presented in a cherry wood presentation case, it really is the gift that has been given time and time again by our customers and friends. Presented in a cherry wooden presentation case with Mason Pearson logo and leaf motif

Mason Pearson's most popular brush is ideal for normal to thick hair. Its round nylon tufts are interwoven between eight rings of boar bristle. This luxurious mix of natural and synthetic bristles combined with the unique Oval handle provide comfort for many years of brushing.

Designed for normal to thick hair, this popular combination provides excellent comfort and cushioning for the scalp while brushing. This is the original Boar and Nylon line of brushes introduced by Mason Pearson in 1968. Working together, the nylon tufts and boar bristle distribute natural oils from the scalp through the hair and prepare it for styling.

Made with pure boar bristle and nylon tufts, our comb and brush are developed by leading scientists to complement natural hair. Each bristle ring and tuft is carefully selected and designed to give you a precise combination of natural boar bristle strength and soft, smooth, shiny nylon for a lustrous finish. We've rounded off the sharp practical edges of the backplate to ensure comfort and durability.

The Mason Pearson U-HC-13044 Large Popular Bristle and Nylon Brush, BN1 Dark Ruby, is a high quality hair brush designed to be used by both men and women. Made with eight concentric rings of bristle set in darkened hardwood, this brush is designed to untangle and distribute natural oils to moisturize your hair strands while you brush. The nylon tufts are independent from the bristle rings which makes it easy to use.

The U-series Mason Pearson bristle brushes feature a plaited nylon tufted handle with good grip and a large domed handle. Massage action best suited to normal to thick hair. The fibre is supplied in a range of colours, each of which will be deep dyed throughout the fibre and give rich lustre and durability. The brushes are hand finished and burnished on all sides for superior quality and appearance.

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  • upc 5014516001210
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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