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  • Brand: North Safety

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Sting Relief? Yes! Water-Activated Wipes; the Stings gone in seconds. Relieve stinging pain from bee, wasp, hornet, and ant stings quickly and naturally with Sting Relief Wipes. Our effective formula works when others don't!

As the sting and burn fades away, you and your child will be able to look back on the experience and laugh. NORTH SAFETY Sting Relief Wipes contain a soothing aloe and vitamin E formula that helps to quickly calm the sting and burning sensation caused by stinging insects, plus they come in a resealable plastic bottle.

Sting Relief Wipes are the first and only wipe solution to effectively remove West Nile virus from contaminated skin, and eliminate the pain of two of the most common mosquito-borne diseases found in North America: West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. These wipes are a must-have for anyone who spends time outside in areas with potential mosquito infestations.

Sting relief wipes for the temporary relief of pain and itch from bites by certain insects for adults and children over 2 years old

With North Sting Relief Wipes, every first responder can affix and carry a sting relief wipe with them at all times for immediate care of poison ivy, oak, and sumac and insect stings. Designed to neutralize both the urushiol oil (poison ivy/oak) associated with allergic skin reactions and the protein source (bees, wasps, ants, etc.) that causes an allergic reaction.

Protect and soothe the skin with Sting Relief Wipes, which are specially formulated to remove jellyfish stings. The formula in these wipes is gentle enough to use on children.

DROPS' Sting Relief Wipes provide fast relief from the pain caused by contact with poison oak, poison ivy, or sumac. Cleans and protects the skin with a touch of aloe.

1 days
  • upc 883940101484
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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