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United Aqua Group 007392F Remote Aquastat (Tankstat) 2-Stage

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The United Aqua Group 007392F Remote Aquastat (Tankstat) 2-Stage is the ideal choice for controlling a holding tank or pump. The remote can be mounted anywhere on the boat, while the sensor is placed at the bottom of your holding tank to read levels and temperatures. Use it to heat/cool your water and saltwater tanks quickly, efficiently, and safely with a built-in thermal fuse that protects it from overheating. This kit also includes a manual override switch for last minute adjustment.

Product Description The United Aqua Group 007392F Remote Aquastat (Tankstat) 2-Stage is a safety device for controlling heaters and chiller water in closed systems.

The United Aqua Group Remote Tank Stat is a 2-stage tank control kit that includes a Tank Stat, 2 Transmitters, 1 4-wire (2-wire to 1-wire) Transmitter wiring adaptor and an instruction manual. The Tank Stat creates a more accurate and consistent water temperature for your fish by monitoring the incoming water's temperature. It also senses when the water heater cycles off so that it can trigger the tank heater to turn on.

A remote AquaStat is used to control a water heater. The AquaStat can be positioned up to 25 feet from the water heater – perfect for use in master baths of large homes or even outdoors.

The Aquastat is a tank control device that combines the outputs of a high temperature limiter, and an expansion device. The device monitors the water level in a tank and provides an output signal to an expansion device or other control system when the water level reaches a pre-set level. The Aquastat also includes temperature limiting features, including: automatic reset on temperature drop; automatic reset on power loss; and manual reset of high temperature protection limits.

The United Aqua Group 007392F Remote Aquastat (Tankstat) is a 2-stage remote tank temperature control system. This kit is used to control two stage heaters and is a good solution for large tanks or tanks in difficult locations.

The 007392F is a remote aquastat that controls the level of water in your tank with a fully programmable 2-stage valve. With a T-stat, you have control over the temperature of your water and when you want hot water.


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