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Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP
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Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP

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UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP

The Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP is a part of Resideo product line. Discover the convenience and performance of a dedicated board that provides both defrosting and circulation in one unit.

The Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP is a board of Resideo which is a subsidiary headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP is designed to allow the refrigerator to defrost and heat when it requires defrosting. The board works with a fridge's electrical components so that it can heat and properly function without any problems. The part number of this Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP is R93-890-001A.

Fits Resideo, Whirlpool, Maytag and KitchenAid side-by-side refrigerator models.

The Resideo DB7110U1000 is a Single Stage Commercial Refrigerator with a 71-inch width, 35.5-inch height and 81-inch length. It has a interior of 21 cubic feet. The unit's energy source is Electric. This commercial refrigerator has an insulation of R600a.

The Resideo DB7110U1000 is a single-stage board with standard defrost. It is equipped with a digital temperature controller and an on/off schedule. Standard features include an adjustable thermostat, display, power failure memory and remote control interface. This product is designed to fit into existing cabinets.

Resideo’s new line of DefrostBoards are sure to add a unique touch to any kitchen. Say goodbye to manual defrosting with the ease and simplicity of these advanced DefrostBoards. Simply place your frozen food into the DefrostBoard, and it will automatically defrost the food allowing you to enjoy your meal sooner. No more messy defrosting or waiting for your food to thaw out. A must have for anyone who enjoys fresh homemade meals.

Resideo DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP

The RESIDEO DB7110U1000 UnivDefrostBoard SingleStgHP is a unique product that makes an excellent addition to any home. This unit features three independent heating zones that can be set to different temperatures, ensuring that you’re never too hot or too cold. Plus, with the built-in computer control system you’ll enjoy precise temperature adjustments from anywhere in your home.

This board is ideal for installations in high-traffic areas such as warehouses, schools and hospitals. With the DuraBase™ cooling system, it can run for years without the need for replacement.

The RESIDEO DB7110U1000 is a Uni-Defrost Board used to separate the freezing compartment from the refrigerated compartment in refrigerated display cases. It is designed for use with single-stage compressors. The RESIDEO DB7110U1000 features adjustable temperature control dial and reversible door that allows for right or left hand opening.

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