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Hide & Seek Pals: Elfy the Elephant

Hide & Seek Pals: Elfy the Elephant – A Fun Infant Toy Out of the huddle on Thanksgiving ~ out of sight, into a search for the tiny Elfy Elephant. Tiny enough to hide in an ear, this elf knows how to travel incognito. Where goes Elfy? Only your baby will know. Made of 100% super soft cotton, and totally machine washable.

Hide and Seek Pals is an innovative website that follows the adventures of two friends, a girl named Opal and her plush friend Elfy. Elfy is actually an elephant that Opal has enchanted with magical powers!

Elfy the Elephant is an adorable plush that your child will love for many different reasons. He has a very fun and sweet personality, and he loves to play Hide & Seek!

A hide and seek game with Elfy the Elephant, featuring light up eyes and a fun sound track. On the board there are 9 treat compartments for Elfy to hide behind, and the opening of each compartment lights up Elfy’s eyes.

Elfy the Elephant ''elfer'' is ready for adventure. Can you find him...?

His name is Elfy the Elephant. He’s a bit silly, a bit shy, and definitely an elf. But don’t tell him that…especially when he’s got on his favorite red shirt. That’s his secret hiding place! Lift up his trunk to reveal his hiding place and watch him disappear into another world—just like magic! To see where he has gone lift up the other side of the book and you will find him hidden behind some tall

The RRG722 features an exterior pocket that's perfect for a special travel companion - meet Elfy the Elephant!

1 days
  • upc 631080097224
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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