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Hide & Seek Pals: Loki the Lion

RRG723 *** Hide & Seek Pals: Loki the Lion

Hide & Seek Pals Loki™ and Lainey™ have a knack for burrowing deep into the stores of fun surprises that are sure to delight kids ages 3+. Loki is a 7" huggable plush with an embedded sound chip. As Loki moves, his body vibrates, creating great sound effects. . These little plush dolls inspire creative play and imagination in children while making imaginative hide & seek play more fun as they vie to find each other.

Your child will be in awe with this huggable Hide & Seek pal. Whether he’s squeezing Loki’s paws or giving him a hug, he’s sure to find encouragement to follow his dreams.

Introducing Hide & Seek Pals. 12 Collector’s Edition toys that melt the barriers between the virtual and physical world – both on your mobile device and in real life. Each toy has a unique GPS tracker, allowing you to track their secret adventures even when they are on the move. The animated stories bring these toys to life on your mobile device as never before, while their augmented reality features bring them into the real world by featuring your beloved characters in new adventures.

Available at Sam’s Club. Hide & Seek Pals are adorable plush characters with flaps that have unique peek-a-boo game ?nders inside. There are ten different animals and six games to choose from. It’s a great way for young children to learn about shapes, colors and numbers while having fun!

Looming large in the baby jungle, Big-cat-on-the-block Loki rules his territory with silent authority. His eyes are always on the lookout for prey who may dare to trespass, but once he gets to know you he`ll be purring before you can `ooh` and `aah` over his stunning cyan hue. Wise parents teach their children about animal safety from a young age, and we exist to make introducing these little ones to the world of Robeez a safe

Race into a perilous jungle to track down a mighty lion—then set your little one free to play. This soft and adorable plush lion is the perfect size to enjoy at home or on the go. Hidden “seek” sounds encourage exploration, too!

2 days
  • upc 631080097231
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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