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Saniflo 2 Saniplus Pump with White Elongated Toilet
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  • Brand: Saniflo

  • sku HMWA-190687
  • upc 859925002022
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Saniflo 002 SANIPLUS Macerating Pump (Pump Only)

Price: 2099-12-31 $939.25
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Saniflo SANIPLUS Macerating pump only.

The 002 Saniflo SANIPLUS pump is a macerating pump. It is a pump only and does not include any other components. This pump is used to pump waste water away from your home.

The Saniflo SANIPLUS macerating pump allows a toilet system to be installed separately from the sewer drain, eliminating the need to dispose of a septic tank. By utilizing an electric macerating pump in connection with a macerator, waste food and waste water can be transported directly through the building drain in just 15 minutes, compared to an entire day through the sewer pipe. This creates cozy and attractive spaces in small spaces, allowing you to live in areas where septic tank disposal is one of the few restrictions for homeowners.

The 002 Saniflo SANIPLUS macerating pump is available only without the accessories. The pump alone will allow you to install a piece of equipment called a macerating toilet.

The SANIPLUS macerating pump can be used for internal installations of showers and toilet sc. Its optimal design is to be placed just under the floor, allowing it to fit under the washbasin or bath. It is easy to install in a variety of bathrooms, as no plumbing or electricity are required.

The Saniflo SANIPLUS pump offers a smart and innovative approach to water recycling system. It is the best choice for both 1-rooms and 2-rooms applications, as well as commercial and industrial properties.

The Saniflo SANIPLUS is the best quality and most advanced system on the market. It offers High Powered suction to eliminate clogs and ensures reliable drainage of your plumbing lines.

The Saniflo SanipLUS Pump is a general purpose pump designed to lift effluent from toilets, baths and washing machines. The unique design of the pump fits between the wall and toilet cistern/sink, or sink trap. This enables the flexible outlet pipe to be run along the wall behind your furniture and pushed up through under floor cracks or gaps to meet at the inlet pipe – all without need for cutting or drilling.

2 days
  • upc 859925002022
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Length:9.25
  • Height:13.00

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