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  • Brand: Sloan

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Sloan 3335195 Sloan Eaf200-Lt Elect Fct 0.5 Pvdsf( Iq)

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Sloan Eaf200-Lt Elect Fct 0.5 Pvdsf( Iq)

The company’s private labels are sold at retailers around the world, including Walmart, Costco and Target

Beloved by customers, these convenient ready-to-use foaming hand soaps are available in four popular fragrances – natural almond, unscented, cherry blossom and plumeria

So here it is – a letter from us about us

The design of this product helps to prevent it from being harmful in any way

It’s a smart way to clean up when you have limited water

You probably know it, yet likely don't think about it very often

Ferguson is a global provider of plumbing, heating, industrial and commercial products

By using different colors, this design is easy for the consumer to read and understand

Sloan is the leader in house brand products

We are talking about foam soap dispensers from Ferguson and their supremely gentle product line Sloan: The foamy dispenser is perfect for soft and delicate skin, because it gently cleanses it without drying

If you can’t get clean with just water, there’s no shame in trying some foaming soap

An excellent dispenser for your kitchen or bathroom

For now we should rather tell you about a product that made us as happy as a Sloany, when first discovered

It is important to find ways to prevent these harmful effects as much as possible

It’ll leave your skin feeling fresh and smelling great

Our foaming hand soap dispenser is 595 ml / 19 fl oz

The manufacturer of the brand you buy at your neighborhood grocery store has a name, too

The Foam Soap Dispenser by Ferguson is the latest addition to our unique line of pump dispensers

This quality product is made of durable plastic, which makes it practical and easy to use


Maybe you are already familiar with the term "Sloany"? No? Well, we can tell you more about that another time

It produces all of its own private label brands, which account for over 70% of sales

People are able to tell what types of soap there are and how they should be used in order to stop any sort of irritation or side effects

The name's Sloan

It can be used with a variety of soaps

In today’s society, products are being sold off the shelves that can cause harm to a consumer

When we sat down to write this letter to Ferguson's customers and prospects, we wanted to show them who we are – beyond just our brand name

Quality foam soap dispenser for your kitchen or bathroom

In fact, it might not even be one that rolls off the tongue

1 days
  • upc 671254495821
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

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