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  • Brand: Cliplight

  • sku ISN-9556
  • upc 062774009467
  • Weight: 0.45 LBS

Cliplight CLP946KIT 946KIT Super Seal Premium A/C Stop Leak (Permanently Seals & Prevents Leaks in Auto A/C Systems)

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The Super Seal STOP LEAK goes to the heart of the problem, quickly and effectively sealing minor leaks and preventing them from returning. The kit comes complete with 2 bottles -- one for use immediately and one to keep as a spare – along with additional valve core inserts that can be removed as they become saturated with sealant.

Our Super Seal Auto A/C Stop Leak products permanently seals and prevents leaks coming from your auto ac system.

Cliplight SUPER SEAL is a permanent preventative A/C stop leak. It permanently stops A/C leaks and drips. Leaks from the evaporator, condenser, lines & hoses. AC drain leaks or any other air conditioner system problem. Cliplight is designed to expand on contact and stop your car AC from leaking once and for all.

Super Seal is formulated to permanently stop and prevent air conditioning failure. Super Seal A/C stop leak seals pinholes or small leaks in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Simply add contents of the tube directly into your car or truck’s air conditioning system, and watch as the plug hole or leak seal instantly! It permanently stops and prevents all problems caused by a leaky A/C system including compressor failure, excessive refrigerant loss, moisture damage and more!

Open a Cliplight Super Seal Super A/C Stop Leak and you'll see what makes us the best - our Premium Solution.

Cliplight SUPER SEAL repair kits permanently fix leaks in automotive air conditioning systems. Each kit includes 3 cans of our patented sealer, a 10 oz. can of vacuum sealer grease, and a hand-operated vacuum pump.

CLP946KIT (946KIT) is a brand new Generation of Leak sealant that completely stops auto air conditioning system leaks for good. New and improved Super Seal formula is tougher than silicone and permanently repairs automotive cooling systems, seals radiator leaks, transmission seals, power steering leaks, oil pan leaks and much more.

1 days
  • upc 062774009467
  • Weight: 0.45 LBS
  • Length:6.10
  • Height:2.80
  • Width:3.40

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