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  • Brand: Honeywell

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HONEYWELL TH1100DV10 TH1100DV10 24V or 750mv SINGLE STAGE PRO 1000

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24V or 750mv SINGLE STAGE PRO 1000

HONEYWELL TH1100DV10 TH1100DV10 24V or 750mv SINGLE STAGE PRO 1000 This wheel cart is designed for use with a variety of Honeywell launchers. It is compatible with most of the models in the H Series, including the Pro 2000 and the Super-Pro 1000. It features four pneumatic wheels with quick release tires, ergonomic handles, and a rubber knob to lock the cart in place when desired. The four caster

The Honeywell Pro 1000 is a single-stage, pump-up sprayer with an adjustable nozzle that makes it easy to apply cleaning solutions to all types of surfaces.

This is the most powerful thermostat now available from Honeywell for gas logs. This transformer is designed to work with all gas log heaters that require a 750 mv transformer, and will deliver 1000 watts (0.98 amps) at 24 volts. It has the same external dimensions as our regular TH1100 thermostat, making it an easy swap when upgrading your heating system to get maximum power from your heater.

The HONEYWELL PRO 1000 is a single stage, air cooled, oil-free compressor. It has been designed to be quiet, energy efficient and to produce low acoustic levels. Featuring a variable speed drive, this unit is ideal for powering all consumer products that are in the market today. This includes tools, medical equipment, air conditioners, humidifiers, and many other home appliances. The unit operates at approximately 52 decibels making it perfect for light industrial applications and residential use

Safety is first on all HONEYWELL air compressors. The Pro 1000 is built with an overload protection system that protects against overload caused by abnormal demand or insufficient supply. The unique, patented System Status Display alerts you to a potential problem before it becomes a problem. With the latest in user-friendly controls, the digital display indicates the compressor's operating mode and actual operating hours.

The Honeywell Pro 1000 programmable thermostat offers you the features you need to control your heating and cooling system. The large, easy-to install, extra-large display makes programming easy. Adjustment buttons are conveniently located on three sides for quick adjustments when setting the temperature or accessing other modes. Automatic setback enables you to program the unit to turn down temperatures while you sleep or away from home. In addition, it can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. Make your house a home

The Honeywell PRO 1000 thermostat will work with virtually any forced air system and any type of heat producing equipment. Control your heating and cooling system from any phone or data device in your home; Schedule the right temperature for the right time and forget about it.

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  • upc 85267133852
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