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TOTO® 109824 TOTO® SN990R#11 NEOREST
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  • Brand: TOTO®

  • sku SPS-2691
  • upc 739268016996
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

TOTO® 109824 TOTO® SN990R#11 NEOREST

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A luxurious addition to your home, this TOTO® Neorest® Washlet features an advanced bidet function and heated seat for a refreshing experience.

The TOTO® NEOREST toilet is the benchmark by which all other toilets are measured. The combination of its patented one-piece dual flush valve, powerful deodorizing bidet features, and advanced air warm water washing system make this a must have for any discerning homeowner.

The TOTO® Neorest One piece elongated toilet and the TOTO® Washlet are a perfect combination to provide a luxurious bathroom experience for all of your guests. The TOTO® Washlet uses an economical 1.28 GPF which means less water used in the average bathroom. The washlet has cotton-like feel using soft, durable TOTO® washlets for personal cleansing. The TOTO® Washlet is ADA compliant as well as low flow flush toilets which makes it ideal for commercial and residential properties.

TOTO® SN990R#11 NEOREST WASHLET Unit with Metalic Stick Remote Finish: Colonial White

The TOTO® NEOREST NST940#01 continues the tradition of excellence that the Neorest line has set. The NEOREST toilet combines the extraordinary performance of a dual-max flushing system with a sleek, contemporary design. The EcoPiston Flush System produces an incredible 1.0gpf (gallons per flush) without compromising performance and efficiency. A powerful deodorizer removes up to 99% of offensive odors, while an air purifier provides clean air for your home or office. The Quiet-Close seat provides ultimate noise reduction and comfort, with no cushy cover to trap odors and bacteria.

The TOTO® 109824 Neorest Washlet Unit with Metalic Stick Remote is a welcome bidet to any bathroom.

The TOTO® Neorest is the ultimate in residential luxury. The complete toilet suite includes a toilet, bidet, and a sink with faucet. State of the art technology makes this system efficient, hygienic, comfortable and flexible. The TOTO® Neorest features the most advanced flushing technology to achieve a superior clean. When flushing occurs, the powerful vacuum breaker removes all particles from the bowl instantly and completely.

The TOTO® NEOREST toilets and Washlet systems provide a clean and comfortable bathroom experience. The cutting edge technology of TOTO® washlets, coupled with the elegance and performance of TOTO® toilets, makes your bathroom a more hygienic place to be.

The TOTO® Neorest is a dual-flush toilet system with a washlet. The Washlet provides multiple features of comfort, convenience, and hygiene. With the Washlet’s front nozzle, you are capable of cleaning your private parts. The back nozzle provides an oscillating massage to cleanse you from other areas of your body.

A smart way to upgrade your bathroom, this TOTO® washlet unit has an attractive design with a powerful water-flushing system that cleans your skin as it rinses away waste. It features a stainless-steel wand for a refreshing shower experience. This unit is integrated with TOTO® 's unique, soft-to-the touch Neorest technology and includes the remote control, air deodorizer, heated seat and heated air dryer.
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2 days
  • upc 739268016996
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
  • Brand:TOTO®
  • Color:Colonial White
  • Date First Available:August 19, 2010
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:324 x 16 x 15 inches
  • Item Package Quantity:1
  • Manufacturer:TOTO®
  • Part Number:SN990R#11
  • Product Dimensions:324 x 16 x 15 inches
  • Size:-1

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