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Baldwin 0195056 0195 056 KNOCKER
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  • Brand: Baldwin

  • sku TND-718237
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS

Baldwin 0195056 0195 056 KNOCKER

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0195 056 KNOCKER

Welcome to the Baldwin 0195056 0195 056 KNOCKER collection. This series of striking hardware from our classic collection is made to elevate the style and flair of your home with its uncompromising design. Cast brass construction leads to an elegant, timeless look that will add to your personality and overall appearance.

Open your door to the world on suction cups with the Baldwin 0195056 0195 056 KNOCKER. This product is built to fit small spaces, and packed with features such as the powerful finger holes for easy removal, and durable construction. Welcome to the world of suction cups.

The Baldwin 0195056 0195 056 KNOCKER knob, designed exclusively for Baldwin Hardware, uses a smartly concealed internal mounting system that allows it to fit on nearly any drawer, cupboard or cabinet door. The knob face and shank are manufactured from premium solid brass and finished in a variety of antique and designer tarnish-resistant finishes.

The Baldwin 0195056 has a solid brass knob in a bright chrome finish and a classic utilitarian appearance. Functioning as a door or drawer pull this Knocker is available in several different configurations to accommodate any home decor need.

The KNOCKER is a temporary door closer intended for non-permanent installation in bearing surface, hollow-core, wood and solid-core standard interior residential doors. When used according to the instructions, the KNOCKER will not damage the door or surrounding area.

First invented by the Baldwin Company in 1886, the knocker is an early spring-activated doorbell system. This compact brass 3 wire knocker can be used for a traditional single door installation where you push a button at the outside of your home and ding a bell to alert someone to grab the door knob from inside. Or use this knocker with 2 wires for an electrically activated door release system that can launch open a sliding glass door without smashing your hand.

Knocker is the modern ring that works with your smartphone. With a simple touch, the receiver knows who’s at their door and can talk to them from anywhere. The battery lasts up to a year and the adjustable strap will hold the Knock in place on any door.

2 days
  • Weight: 0.00 LBS
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