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SIEMENS 22939 192-202 Room Temperature Thermostat, Pneumatic, Direct Acting, Heat/Cool, Fahrenheit Scale, 2-Pipe
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  • Brand: SIEMENS

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SIEMENS 22939 192-202 Room Temperature Thermostat, Pneumatic, Direct Acting, Heat/Cool, Fahrenheit Scale, 2-Pipe

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A simple way to keep your home comfortable, this room temperature stat offers a dial-home and away setting and is compatible with analog and digital systems. Features include pneumatic operation, a manual reset feature in case you forget to shut it off before leaving the house, and easy access to internal components for quick troubleshooting.

This Siemens direct acting room thermostat features include: 192-202F operating temperature range, Pneumatic actuator for manual operation, 2 pipe mounting, Fahrenheit temperature scale.

The 22/9 Series Direct Acting Regulator is a direct acting regulator that is used in combination with a space heater and a heating pump. It has excellent dynamic response characteristics and it is suitable for operation in the heating mode between 30°F (0°C) and 100°F (38°C).

Set the temperature and control it. Efficiently control your temperature with the thermodynamic controller. The controller is easily programmable with a twist of the setpoint buttons, if desired. The large digital display shows setpoint, actual room temperature and status diagnostics at a glance.

The Siemens Pneumatic Thermostat system utilizes a pneumatic actuator to derive accurate and reliable temperature control in a variety of simple and complex industrial and commercial applications such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration. The thermostat incorporates either NTC (negative temperature coefficient) or PTC (positive temperature coefficient) semiconducting devices which change state from one resistance value to another with the change in temperature. Based on the sensed condition, appropriate contactORS will open or close switching both hot and associated cold supply lines to a load.

The Velocity Series RTH2480AC is a single stage, direct acting heat pump, air conditioner and heater. It can be used for simultaneous heating and cooling in applications such as residential or light commercial units. Early energy savings are realized through its high efficiency ratings, while sound levels remain very low. A universal refrigeration circuit allows use with R-22, R-410A, or mixed refrigerant systems.

Siemens E5210BB308A0 Room Thermostat

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