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Perfect-It? Single Sided Foam Polishing Pad, Black, 8"

Technically advanced materials and construction make the Cubitron II a trusted favorite of professionals and DIYers alike

This product is ideal for finishing concrete and removing rust

The comfort handle is designed to accommodate right or left handed use

CUBITRONII FIBREDISC7X7/860+, CUBITRON II 7 X 7/860+, 33447, 3M, 3M Product Number: 33427, 3M Part Number: 33427

The CUBITRONII FIBREDISC7X7/860+ from 3M is an 8" x 7" Fiber Discs available in a wide variety of abrasives

3M33427 CUBITRONII FIBREDISC7X7/860+ A 7"x7" 860 Grit Ultra-Fine Hook and Loop Disc

Leaves a high gloss finish

It's also engineered to help maximize operator comfort during prolonged use

The disc is compatible with most surfaces and can be used in both scrubbing and light cleaning applications

It's unique solubility characteristics allow it to clean tough grease and soil from surfaces without the use of paint strippers or harsh chemicals

The 3M Cubitron II Fiberdisc is made of glass fibers that allow it to remain stable on the surface that you're cleaning

These heavy-duty discs will not wear down quickly and should be used with a dual action polisher to ensure that they last longer

The ultra-fine hook and loop disc is designed to remove compounding swirls and scratches on clear coat paint finishes

Abrasive particles bonded onto an open textured cloth backing for longer life

Use the abrasive side of this disc for compounding, and the hook and loop side for finishing

This minimizes the risk of buffer burns and swirls from occurring during your cleaning session

This product is designed for use in high temp applications where solvents are prohibited or undesirable


CUBITRONII FIBREDISC7X7/860+ is a sharpener with an extra-large, non-slip handle that provides a comfortable and sure grip

With the 3M 33427 CUBITRONII FIBREDISC7X7/860+ you're able to effectively clean and polish a variety of surfaces in your home

For use with dual action autoscrubbers or conventional hand held polishers

The Cubitron II Disc is designed to cut faster, last longer, and stay sharper than any other stone available

These discs are ideal for use on fiberglass, metal, and plastic

The Cubitron II is a disc impregnated with non-chlorinated, 100% biodegradable cleaning/degreasing agent

3 days
  • upc 51131057258
  • Weight: 0.14 LBS

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