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3M 3M-6409 3/4" PLASTIC TAPE
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  • Brand: 3M

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3M 3M-6409 3/4" PLASTIC TAPE

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Scotch? Plastic Tape 471 Blue, 3/4" x 36 yd

The 3M replacement belt helps sanding and finish work go faster, and also helps them last longer

These files last three to four times longer than conventional metal files so you can work faster and easier for less cost

3M Cubitron II belts have a heat-resistant backing that protects the user from burns and a fiberglass reinforced face that provides efficient stock removal rate and long belt life

It works well with a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, fiberglass and aluminum

3M Cubitron II sanding belts are engineered to be more durable and last up to 50% longer than previous generations of belts

3M Part #MM33437

It has nail holes on both ends for easy attachment to your sander's drive pulley

The 3M Cubitron II sander belt lasts longer than regular belts, so you spend less time changing them and more time working on your project

These new belts use the same patented abrasive technology, while maximizing belt density and minimizing the amount of adhesive used

The result is an extraordinary product collection that provides longer life and superior surface finishes for sanding, grinding, machining and polishing applications

Made for heavy-duty, continuous use it has an aggressive cut and is resistant to loading, allowing this belt to produce a fine finish on all types of material from hard woods to soft composites

3M offers more choices of premium quality abrasives to meet your unique application needs

3M Cubitron II belts designed for use on all fine finish air sanders with a 3/8" x 13 thread

Sander belts feature a unique weave containing billions of fibrils which provide a cutting surface that lasts up to six times longer than ordinary sandpaper

3M Cubitron II sanding belts have a lightweight resin, non-deteriorating core, and open-coat structure that provides greater uniformity and durability than other types of sanding belts

The 3M Cubitron II File Belt is made of the same ultra-durable, rustproof coated abrasive that has been used in 3M's sanding belts for decades


The diameter of the files is 10mm, and the thickness is 36 ga

This is the ideal belt for sanding curves and flat surfaces and can be used in any orientation

That’s why they can hold up to 50-percent more material, resulting in less required belt changes versus traditional 3M sanding belts

The 36GAir Sander File Belt fits Festool and Fein sanders that use 10MM x 330MM (3/8 in x 13 in) sized belts

3M Cubitron II 36 GA Sanding Belts are for use on air, hand, or panel sanders and are designed with hook-and-loop fasteners for fast and easy replacement

3M Cubitron II File Belts are made with a heavy-duty resin-bonded abrasive

This belt features a coarse grit for rapid stock removal on soft to medium hard woods and for use on metal or where greater stock removal is desired

This 3M Cubitron II 36GAir Sander File Belt #MM33437 by 3M is designed for belt sanders with 10mm x 330mm (3/8 in x 13 in) belt size

3M Cubitron II belts are available in a wide range of formulations

This is a 10 pack of belts for use with 10 mm x 330 mm (3/8 in x 13 in) belt sanders

Our Cubitron II Abrasives are engineered to combine the best available abrasive technologies with high speed machining processes

3M Cubitron II File Belts are made with a patented high-performance resin that allows these belts to cut faster with less heat and extend the life of your sander

3M Cubitron II Abrasives are the finest abrasives in the world and deliver a level of performance that is unequalled

Extra-long lasting

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  • upc 51128991169
  • Weight: 0.10 LBS
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