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A 55 gallon drum of OverSpray Masking Liquid from 3M

Overspray Masking Liquid, 55 Gallon (US)

The overspray masking liquid is also used to cover around any instruments the doctor may be using during surgery

It can be used on a variety of exterior applications including but not limited to stucco, wood siding, glass, metal and vinyl

Our products can be used to protect buildings, bridges and equipment in harsh environments

Keeps spray paint and coatings from getting on walls, floors, automobiles, and equipment

3M Overspray Masking Liquid (3M 6855) is a 55 gallon drum

We offer water-based, solvent-based and powder coatings, as well as a range of high quality liquid and powder adhesives

This product is an over spray masking liquid for use in air care applications

Accepted by FDA for use with food contact, according to 3M’s Material Data Safety Sheet, the 3M-6855 55 Gallon (US) of 3M OverSpray Masking Liquid is non-flammable and is a non-reactive solvent used to protect surfaces against spray overspray

It requires no rinsing and is easy to clean up

Use to prevent overspray from adhering to surfaces during metal spraying processes

Easy to use liquid masking agent that remains pliable at room temperature

The 3M-6855 55GL OverSpray Masking Liquid is used to cover up the doctors head and face when performing surgeries over an open wound

This product can be used in a variety of industrial applications including automotive refinishing

3M 6855 OverSpray Masking Liquid is a low VOC, 55-gallon (US) tank mix which can be used as an asphalt roof coating solvent component

The 3M™ Over-Spray Masking Liquid is a high quality, low VOC (volatile organic compound) material that provides effective masking protection for metal and other surfaces from overspray during the application of enamel, lacquer, sealer and paint

3M is a brand of company that are well known in the medical field

3M 6855 OverSpray Masking Liquid is a low VOC, 55-gallon (US) tank mix which can be used as an asphalt roof coating solvent component

It is designed to improve the overall performance and reliability of surface coatings for asphalt roofing systems when applied to previously painted or coated roofs

It is used to prevent overspray from adhering to surfaces such as hard and soft paints, metals, plastics, rubber and glass

We are a leading manufacturer of protective coatings, sealants and adhesives

3M 3M-6855 55GL OVERSPRAY MASKING LIQUID is a Solvent based protective outdoors for metal, wood fiberglass and concrete surfaces

It can be used alone or as a primer for many other paints, sealants and adhesives

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  • upc 511310037438
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